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Why pigmentation is now a common skin issue?

Pigmentation refers to the unusual coloring of the individual’s skin. Healthy individuals have normal skin color while people suffering from an illness, hormonal fluctuations, or injury show a characteristic change in their skin color. They may either have darker skin in spots or patches (a condition called hyperpigmentation) or lighter skin in contrast to the surrounding normal skin (a skin concern known as hypopigmentation). At Skin Zest, the experienced skin doctors provide the best pigmentation treatment in Gurgaon and help patients achieve a smooth flawless skin with their signature treatments.

The skin contains a melanin pigment that imparts color to the skin. Melanin is naturally produced by the melanocytes present at the base of the epidermis and comes to the skin surface after being carried by the keratinocytes. Skin discoloration occurs due to either excess melanin production that darkens the skin or their low amounts resulting in lighter skin. Damaged melanocytes that are unable to produce normal levels of melanin can affect the skin color.  

Dermatologists in Gurgaon at Skin Zest come across many patients experiencing skin pigmentation issues or suffering from pigmentation disorders.   Especially, people with dark skin complexion are often complaining of skin color changes.  Hence, pigmentation is considered a common skin concern across the globe. 

Are you curious to know the reasons behind that? Well, the answer to this lies in the common contributing factors to pigmentation. 

Some factors leading to skin discoloration:

  • Sun or UV radiation exposure- Melanin of the skin act as the natural sunscreen by protecting the skin from damage caused by harmful sun’s UV rays. However, when the skin is over or frequently exposed to direct sunlight or UV radiations, the damage caused by it immediately induces the melanocytes to act in the pigment-darkening reaction. Short-term exposure to UV radiation photo-oxidizes or chemically transforms the preformed melanin of the skin also leading to delayed skin tanning. Chronic exposure to UV radiation results in photo-aging of the skin with uneven distribution of the melanin pigment. Hence, sun exposure is the topmost cause of hyperpigmentation.
  • Pollution- Air pollution or poor air quality index that is usually seen in urban areas can have a negative impact on the skin. It is believed that people who are living in a polluted environment for long experience uneven skin tone, premature skin aging, and pigmentation problems. The particulate matter such as dust particles, cigarette smoke, smog, industrial emissions, or vehicle exhausts that are released into the atmosphere can settle onto the skin and even infiltrate the deeper skin layers to cause oxidative stress. This can weaken the skin barrier and trigger skin inflammation, dehydration, and even cellular-level reactions that affect collagen and elastin (skin’s structural proteins) production. 
  • No focus on skincare regimen- It is very important to ensure that the skincare routine you follow or must follow protects your skin from everyday stressors like sun damage and air pollution. There are some steps that you can take to prevent certain cases of hyperpigmentation including:
  • Avoid direct sun exposure- Try to not go out during peak hours of the sun. If it’s important, cover the naked areas of the body with sun-protective clothing like a wide-brimmed hat (to shade the face and scalp), long-sleeved tops, and full-length bottom wear as well as shoes. Take the shade of the tree or an umbrella and wear broad-spectrum sunscreens of SPF 30 above before stepping out in the sun.
  • Limit touching of the skin- Do not unnecessarily keep touching the skin with dirty or greasy hands. Moreover, avoid picking, rubbing, or scratching an injured skin area as it can lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Make sure that the face and hands are kept clean.  
  • Incorporate Vitamin C into the beauty regimen– Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant capable of combating aging, allowing brightening of the skin, and limiting the damage due to excessive sun exposure. Hence, everyday Vitamin C serums or creams must be applied to the skin along with having a nutritious diet.

How to prevent pigmentation?

Dr. Noopur Jain, best skin doctor in Gurgaon at Skin Zest is an expert in performing pigmentation treatment and suggests various tips and treatments to manage pigmentation

Some tips include:

  • Sun protection is the most important factor for avoiding or preventing pigmentation. This can be done by using sunscreen and proper clothing.
  • Avoid medications and cosmetic products that cause pigmentation.
  • Proper treatment of inflammatory conditions such as acne so that post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can be avoided.
  • Maintaining a proper diet and doing regular exercise for managing metabolic problems.

Best pigmentation treatment in Gurgaon performed at Skin Zest

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels like Kojic acid, Hydro-qu-inone, Azelaic acid, Niacinamide, Glycolic acid, Retinol, Vitamin C, and Alpha arbutin, can be done safely in all age groups as well as skin types. They are very much effective in managing pigmentation present in under-eye dark circles, pigmentation marks on the chest and back, pigmentation in the underarms & bikini areas, pigmented knees, elbows, or feet, and also tanned arms and legs.

Laser Toning

It uses  Q switched Nd-YAG laser that can reach into the deeper layers of the skin and break pigments that cause melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, leading to a brighter and clearer complexion. It is very comfortable and incredibly safe since we use a very gentle laser that leaves your skin undamaged.

At Skin Zest, the best skin experts provide excellent pigmentation treatment in Gurgaon to eliminate dark spots and get the blackness removed from the face and body. To know more book an appointment today!



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