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Why Laser Hair Removal Is Becoming Popular?

Laser hair removal is a well-known hair removal method that has been in use especially among women for the past many years to get rid of their pesky hair on the face or any other body part (including the sensitive areas and excluding eyebrows). In today’s time, there is a growing trend of getting undesirable hair removed with lasers among men too as a part of their self-care. The popularity of achieving a hair-free body i.e. silky, smooth skin is seen across all demographics. But what are the reasons behind this popularity? Let’s know more about them with the information shared by Dr. Nivedita Dadu, the Best Doctor for Laser Hair Removal in Delhi at Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic.

1.No Ingrown Hair And Little Red Bumps

Ingrown hair is the tweezed/shaved hair that regrows back into the skin instead of growing upwards. This is mainly seen in people who make use of improper shaving techniques or waxing to get rid of unwanted body or facial hair. Those who have been shaving their legs or any other body area with an old-school razor may also get sick of the red little bumps on their skin. With laser hair removal, people can stop worrying about ingrown hair and razor bumps. This is because the lasers work only on the hair roots. They thermally destroy the hair follicles so the actively growing hair falls off. In contrast, shaving or waxing cut the hair very close to the skin which results in a sharp tip at the end of each hair, hence increasing the chances of hair curling back on itself.

2. Improved Confidence Resulting From Cleanliness

Laser hair removal can remove bothersome hair growing on the underarms, bikini line, and other areas ensuring no lingering bacteria or sweat is giving a foul body odor. With clean hair-free skin, there is a boost of self-confidence.

3. Saves Valuable Time

The laser hair removal technique is less time-consuming as compared to shaving or waxing which involves monthly hassles. Although multiple sessions are required to permanently stop hair growth or carry out significant hair reduction, they are quick.

4. Less Costly In The Long Run

If you find the cost of laser hair removal a prohibiting factor to getting rid of unsightly hair, then you must keep in mind that the rate values for money when you calculate the total cost of the repeated need of waxing or any other hair removal methods. Thus, most candidates do not think of the expensive pricing of laser hair removal as compared to other methods. To know more about laser hair removal cost in Delhi, consult the laser experts at Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic.

5. Minimal Side Effects

Similar to the traditional hair removal methods, patients can normally expect some minor side effects post-procedure. These include swelling, redness, tingling, or itching; temporary alteration in skin complexion (i.e. darker or lighter); and feeling of delicate skin as well as sensitivity to sunlight. However, they tend to subside or resolve within a few hours or a day.

6. High Success Rate

Whether it’s your body or your face, laser hair removal is promising and can help you eliminate at least 90% of hair growth.

7. Safety, Speed, And Precision

Laser hair removal is FDA-cleared, cosmetic procedure that must be performed by a fully-qualified and experienced licensed provider. It makes use of lasers that produces very low levels of harmless radiation onto the skin. Ideally, it’s meant for dark hair and light skin.

Each session of laser hair removal typically gets over in a few minutes but the longevity of a single sitting varies due to the size of the treatment area. The laser light is emitted in pulses and can treat multiple hairs once in a fraction of a second.

In one second, approximately a quarter area of the treatment site can be addressed by lasers. This method is capable of removing a few dark, coarse hair present in small areas with high precision. The laser heat destroys the targeted hair follicles without harming the surrounding skin.

Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic is one of the most trusted Skin And Laser Clinic In Delhi providing avant-garde treatments with a team of highly professional and amiable dermatologists, aestheticians, and nurses.

The clinic offers a wide range of laser hair removal treatments for different parts of the body such as the face, back, chin, legs, bikini line, beard shaping, underarms, etc. The advanced laser treatments offered at the clinic include diode and alexandrite laser, thereby making it possible to provide successful results for all skin types irrespective of the color of the hair.

8. A Long-Lasting Solution

Over the past decade, the rapid advances in laser technology have made possible the removal/reduction of unwanted hair for a lifetime using the latest laser devices and with much less pain. Among different hair removal methods like waxing, tweezing, shaving, threading, and electrolysis, laser hair removal is the only possible approach to date whose effects last for a long time. This is because the regrowth of hair is minimal or absent when the actively-growing hair follicles are heat damaged by focused laser light.

Want to achieve smooth hair-free skin? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Nivedita Dadu to get the benefits of Best Laser Hair Reduction in Delhi.



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