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Why are so many schools closed in COVID?

We have all been subjected to some very adverse survival conditions since 2020. The Coronavirus has been infecting people. It has been dragging them to their death beds. This is a new strain of the disease. This infected the masses around and finally resulted in mass death. A lot of people have lost their lives as a result of Covid.

Since the mortality rates have been very high, it has been decided to keep the masses from gathering. As a result, the government has decided to shut down all the places of mass gatherings. This is the reason why offices, pilgrimage places, markets etc., have been closed down.

Schools have also been closed down on a national level. The government has ordered that the schools and colleges are to remain closed. This is done so that the little children and the young adults are kept safe. Along with that, the teachers and other staff at the school must also be held safely. This is the reason why the schools have been closed down.

Alternate Teaching Option by School

Since the schools had been shut at the lockdown beginning, the students were confined at home. At first, there was no valid date or time for the schools to be opened. This was when the students were at home and awaiting their exams. Many of the parents were apprehensive about how the education system will affect the future of their wards.

Ever since the lockdown started, all schools decided to stop classes. This was done so that the chain of gathering could be broken. This virus only meant that people would stay in isolation and keep away from mixing with others. Even if they did, they would have to follow specific rules like

  • Wear face masks whenever people go out
  • Wash their hands with soap now and then
  • Use sanitisers to keep themselves safe from virus infestation
  • Maintain a safe distance from others

Yet, before the pandemic, none of these factors was looked into. The classrooms required the students to sit beside each other. The teachers would come up personally and educate the students. All this was quite a good reason enough to stop commencing the classes. The school authorities then started thinking about an alternate way of education. Gradually with discussion, they decided to shift over to the online courses.

Online Classes, Exam and Sharing study material by the schools

Many software companies wanted to craft an Online School Management Software during this. They knew that this was going to be the next rage. This pandemic ensured that all the schools would use the online method of education. This is supposed to continue till everything is normal. Most of the schools have resorted to the online mode of classes. This has ensured regular classes are conducted. This will also ensure that the usual education pattern is followed.

Due to the Covid situation, online classes are conducted in schools and colleges. Not only has this ensured the regular classes to be followed. But, this has also enabled exams to be performed. All the important exams of the tenth and twelfth classes have been conducted online. The schools have installed India’s Best School Management Software for the best outcome.

All the schools worldwide have been closed down due to the pandemic situation. There were some instances when school authorities decided to start the school. But, with the new strains of the virus pondering about, the schools had to shut down again. This brings back the students to the same old online classes.

Online Education Continuing for the students 

Schools have been shut down for the past year and more to save young kids from the fatal virus. But, there are a lot of instances where death has taken a poll on a lot of young kids. The Delta variant has been dreadful, where many people have been plunged into the lap of death. This is why the school authorities have decided to close the schools. They and government officials have agreed on this until the pandemic ends.

The governments have also agreed to go on with the online classes. Online classes are not only for private schools but government schools too. Many students have access to smartphones. So, they can quickly attend online classes from their houses. But, other students cannot afford two meals. Online classes are a luxury for them, so they cannot continue with the classes.

Considering their financial condition, some state governments have also granted scholarship money. This has been done so that the students can buy smartphones for their studies. It is still not known when the pandemic situation will be over. But the provisions for online studies are made. Initially, it was pretty tricky for students and teachers to study online. But now, keeping in mind their health, online classes have become the new normal. The classes are conducted daily, but the exams are also held online. Young children are slowly getting used to studying this way.

The final solution for school, teachers, student and parents

The reasons why online classes are being conducted is quite evident. The main reason behind that is the adverse situation created during the pandemic. It must be kept in mind that the government has made the rules. So, we must keep a distance, keeping in mind the health of the masses. So, people should respect that decision. 

Before the situation gets any better, the students should always be at home. They must only study over the phone through online classes. The schools should also extend their help and support to all. This ensures that the students face no difficulty with their studies at all.

The purpose of the government is to ensure that the students and their entire families are kept safe. The school provides the books and the other stationery for the students. If the students need extra material, the teachers also offer that online. This has ensured that the students are kept safe during the pandemic and are healthy with their families.



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