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What is the price of creating an app?

What is the price for creating an application?

This is one of the most frequent questions among those who have an idea or a concrete need and who have decided to develop an application.

The price to create an app development ireland on many factors: the technology chosen to develop it (native, multi-platform, web, etc.); the features it includes; the design requirements… In this article, we will discuss some of these variables.

What should you anticipate paying for a mobile application?

“I’m working on a smartphone application. Could you please tell me the cost of making it? These two words are frequently used by our clients when they initially get in touch with us. The price of designing a mobile application might range from 1,000 euros to 120,000 euros, and that is always our response. Your requirements will determine everything.

We may compare a app developers dublin to a car in order to illustrate this price gap as plainly as possible. We are aware that pricing might differ significantly based on the required quality, the model, the choices, and the size.

Price changes are possible even for the app platform! In fact, it is well known that creating apps for iOS costs a little more than creating apps for Android.

Therefore, it makes sense that an off-road 44 with voice control and GPS would cost more than a standard Dacia.

However, the idea is practically the same when it comes to mobile applications since we pay for the time needed to construct the app rather than the equipment. It’s true that although one application can be made in 50 hours, another takes 500.

However, it is crucial to precisely define the project in all of its specifics in order to receive a professional quote. Before beginning the project, it is crucial to have a clear idea of the path and method you intend to take.

Before estimating how much a mobile app costs, every mobile app specialist, whether a digital agency or a freelance app developer, will ask you for this information.

One other piece of advice: don’t be afraid to get estimates from a number of application developers. You’ll be shocked at how prices for the same mobile application can vary so widely.

What elements affect the cost of developing a mobile application?

As we’ve already discussed, a number of variables combine to determine the cost of developing a mobile application. Here is a list of the most crucial:

1. Features

Each choice necessitates a certain amount of mobile app development ireland time. Some of them can be “easily” set up with little assistance from the developers. Others, on the other hand, will logically cost more and necessitate more labour.

For instance, adding a contact form to the app is quick, but implementing a precise geolocation system takes many hours.

2. User interface and app design

Both for the quote and the success of your mobile application, the user interface and app design are two factors of utmost significance. In this sense, it is crucial that the developer and the client agree on the goals to be accomplished.

Giving the developer clear instructions ensures that you will receive a successful programme free of extraneous features.

Knowing the platforms on which an application must be available is crucial for determining the cost of that application. Do you want to develop an iOS or Android app? This inquiry is crucial because creating a mobile app for Android and iOS differs from one another.

Is it a native, hybrid, or online app that I’m looking for? is another query you should ask yourself.

Would you like us to make you a specific, non-binding offer?

3. Platforms

But beware: a native application may be the best solution. Hybrid and web technologies may be better suited to certain types of projects. Remember that the cost of developing a mobile app on multiple platforms will be higher.

To know how much it costs to create an application, you should not only consider the platforms for which you want to develop the application. Within the different operating systems, there are different product lines with different functionality. This is one of the factors that we tend to overlook when defining an app.

The range of iOS, for example, goes up to iPhone 11 and each of the models has different software and functions. The goal is to create an application with performance graphics on each device to ensure optimal access.

4. Additional costs

In the budget of your mobile application development project, you must take into account the expenses related to the marketing strategy. Additionally, administrative expenses need to be considered. The App Store and Google Play Store do not allow you to sell your app for free.

  • What is the price for publishing an app on the Play Store? Registration as a developer costs $25 (one-time payment). A new one-time payment of $25 is made for each application downloaded.
  • How much does it cost to publish an app on the Apple Store? The cost to register as a app developers ireland is $99 with an annual renewal. You can download apps from the App Store with this licence.

The cost of data storage should also be considered when creating your budget. Last but not least, remember to keep up with updates and problem patches.

The price for creating an application: price ranges according to the types of applications

Before a developer can determine exactly how much it costs to develop an application, a specification is needed. On the other hand, if you first want to get an overall idea of ​​the budget to plan, here are indicative amounts adjusted for the type of application you are looking to develop:

  • Marketplace application : Between 15,000 and 25,000 euros . The price of an application mainly depends on certain factors such as the number of users, the functionalities (chat, payment, etc.), and the interactions between buyer and seller.
  • E-commerce application : Between 20,000 and 35,000 euros . The price depends on the number of products that will be sold through the application and the administration software as well as discounts, affiliate systems and payment options.
  • Mobile games: Between 40,000 and 70,000 euros. The price mainly depends on the design, but also on the multiplayer and networking options.
  • Marketing applications: Between 3,000 and 7,000 euros. Event promotion applications are used for a short period of time for example.
  • Social network applications: Between 20,000 and 35,000 euros. The price mainly depends on the design, the functionalities and the level of privacy and security.
  • Internal management application: Between 15,000 and 30,000 euros . The price mainly depends on the possibilities of interaction between the employees and the administrator. For example, signing contracts, assigning tasks to an employee, a chat function, etc.

Would you like a quote for a custom application? We send it to you!

To receive a quote for the creation of your mobile application, you can post your project on Yeeply (without obligation!). It will take less than five minutes.

The ideal tool for locating development resources is Yeeply. Our algorithm will review the details of your project to assign you a team that fits your requirements and budget.

All our professionals have been validated beforehand by our technical team, with contracts that include a guarantee against bugs, delivery of source code and 24/7 support.

In an industry where the demand for development providers and the supply of freelance and corporate professionals is constantly increasing, Yeeply brings security and transparency with its model of certified professionals.

Do not hesitate to contact us if your upcoming project involves the creation of an application, as these clients have already done.

We will be pleased to address all of your inquiries. After all that, we’ll help you find the app developer that best suits your needs, and we’ll support and guide you through the development process.



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