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What is the cost of Liver Transplant Surgery in India?

One of the most critical organs in the body is the liver. The role of the liver is to detoxify metabolites to synthesize proteins and generate biochemicals needed for digestion. Besides this, the liver is also responsible for playing various functions such as producing hormones, regulating glycogen storage, and decomposing RBCs. However, when the liver stops functioning, dialysis is the short-term solution. If you are looking for a long-term solution, the best treatment is liver transplant surgery. The liver transplantation cost has always been a topic of discussion. Luckily, India offers the most affordable liver transplant surgery compared to other nations. 

Liver Transplant Cost In India

India’s average liver transplant cost is around INR 16,50,000- INR 26,21,126. However, this cost is less than the same treatment in other countries. The overall cost depends on various factors such as the type of surgery, choice of hospitals, to name a few. Since the price depends on numerous factors, it is wise to understand the cost before the surgery. Compared to the cost of liver transplants in countries like Turkey, the US, the UK, Singapore, and Thailand, the cost in India is less than in these countries. Although there is no difference in the quality, technology, and infrastructure, the cost difference is still noticeable. 

In India, liver transplant surgeries have become a benchmark in the world. There are many hospitals in India with proven records of success rates. These hospitals are accredited and well-known for liver transplants. The best aspects are the availability of the latest technology, experienced surgeons, and affordable cost. 

Common Reasons for Liver Transplant Surgery

Although liver failure requires liver transplant surgery, many other conditions may need this surgery. These reasons are

  • Genetic liver disorders
  • The final stage of Cirrhosis is due to Alcoholic Cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, hemochromatosis, and primary biliary sclerosis.
  • Liver cancers such as hepatic adenoma, primary hepatocellular malignancies, primary hepatocellular carcinoma, and Cholangiocarcinoma.
  • Fulminant failure due to Fulminant viral hepatitis and hepatic thrombosis.

Types of Liver Transplant

There are three types of liver transplants. These are:

  • Orthotopic Liver Transplant

This procedure involves extracting the whole liver of the deceased and transplanting it into the recipient’s location. The procedure takes 12-18 hours. 

  • Heterotopic Liver Transplant

This surgery involves placing the donor’s healthy liver on one side while staying intact diseased liver. The doctor recommends this surgery when he believes that the diseased liver will recover in some time.

  • Reduced-sized liver transplant

This surgery is for children with 15-20% of the liver staying intact. It involves transplanting a healthy donor implant into the recipient. 

Why People Prefer Liver Transplant in India

There are several reasons which make India the best place to undergo liver transplantation. 

Affordability here does not mean low-quality treatment. The liver transplant surgeons in India have the expertise and experience to carry out this therapy with excellent success rates.

The technologies used are cutting-edge, much like any other technologically advanced country.

In India, liver transplant doctors are experts with extensive expertise and knowledge in transplant surgery. Patients receiving liver transplants are cared for holistically by a multidisciplinary team of qualified specialists and English-speaking nurses.

The cost of liver transplantation is another important element in India’s appeal among international patients. Medical care in India is far less expensive than in other countries. Moreover, some internationally known hospitals offer budget-friendly cost packages without sacrificing quality or service standards.

Rules and Regulations for Liver Transplantation in India

India has certain rules and regulations for liver transplant surgery in India. International patients should know about these regulations before opting for a liver transplant in India

  • You cannot select an Indian donor. The living donor should instead be from your own country.
  • If the donor is a close relative, the transplant approval process will be sped up.
  • The patient’s compatibility factors and blood group must be the same as those of the donor.

Lyfboat can connect you with India’s best hospitals and surgeons if you need a successful liver transplant. They represent several hospitals in key cities, such as Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and others. Lyfboat’s experienced team will gladly assist you throughout the procedure, from organizing consultations with the top specialists to offering budget-friendly pricing estimates at various hospitals to travel-related support. To read more about our health blogs, please visit our website.



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