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What Is Optical Center?

Optical Center

what they want not the other way around or it might bite you on the bum. I cannot believe it is late October for the fourth or fifth time I get to say so I put on my pumpkin spice shirt. for you today we’re going to talk about sales 101 also known as basic tips or rules for the newbie. I did not expect to start this stuff until like the middle of 2022 but I’m getting this steady trickle. People asking for help lots more on this to come but we’re going to hit some highlights. so you have some things to start working on now rule number one is the one that nobody else is going to talk about. you’re not going to see this anywhere else even the greatest of the all-time opticians. wouldn’t be happy at any Optical Center shop

Optical Store

What do I mean by that what I’ve been saying all along is every Optical Center store. has a personality every optician has a personality those two personalities. have to mesh we all bring strengths and weaknesses to our skill set as an optician. only you know in your heart what your strengths are and what your weaknesses. are and I’m sorry whether an optician for you is even the right place. As a newbie, you got to look inside your heart and decide because even the greatest of the all-time opticians. or may be competitive the place where they work may pay a great commission on a sale. they thrive in a high-pressure environment where another optician. may even be the greatest of all time. only likes to be out on the floor for a couple of hours while the rest of the time

Optical Eyeglasses

They’re in the lab making great pairs of glasses everybody is a different personality. it’s got to match the store or you’re not going to be happy and you’re not going to be able to meet the sales expectations. of that place number two number one and every other thing like this that you’ll. see is that we never ever assume anything some people are hard. To read others are easy sometimes you see somebody walking in the front door of the store. and you kind of know everything about them whereas others you don’t know much. at all so we never ever assume we never judge the appearance of someone. we never judge their decisions none of our business you can only see behavior you can’t see reason

Honest Optician

Look let’s be honest optician pay is not that great and there is a chance that the customers. that you work with well their pay is higher than yours so we don’t judge we don’t question their decision. to pay a certain amount for a frame starting high and going low let’s say this is our frame board. and each one of these rows had a couple of hundred frames instead of six it is okay and we went. From our best to our better to our premium and then we had a discount row over here for folks. that needed a pair when they took their contacts out. I am going to start here I’m going to crowd her a little and kind of push her towards the premiums right take. your glasses off for me and we’d start with this row and I wanted to try this on



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