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What is Neem good for health?

What is Neem good for health?

Many people use Neem to improve their health and lifestyle. It is a type of evergreen tree that is native to India. Ayurvedic medicine has used neem extract for many health-related purposes.

Neem oil can be applied to the scalp to treat conditions such as dandruff or acne. The neem leaf extract is usually taken orally. Sometimes, the bark, flowers, and even the fruit of the Neem tree can be used medicinally. Many people can reap the benefits of minimal neem usage in many different ways. You can still find Neem in many Top Ayurvedic Products. Despite its healing properties, Neem is a critical player in the healing process.

Neem can help to reduce plaque buildup. The paste or gel form of Neem can be very effective for your gums and mouth. Many products contain Neem, and this can be very beneficial for your health. Neem has a refreshing effect that makes you feel better about your dental health. Use neem products to avoid gum and dental problems. Chewable chewing sticks made from neem extract can also be used to prevent the growth of bacteria linked to periodontal disease and cavity formation.

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Ulcers issues

Experts have concluded that neem bark extract may be able to treat gastric ulcers. It is worth giving it a shot. You may feel better about your health if you use neem-oriented products. These neem products are very effective and can produce great results. You can try Neem if you have any ulcers.


Studies have also shown that Neem may be beneficial in controlling or preventing cancer. Its ingredients, such as those that stimulate the immune system and suppress tumor growth, are healthy, and they can be used to provide some relief or improvement for cancer patients.

Where can I get the products?

You will find various products based on Neem once you search for them. These products are beneficial, effective and can make a big difference in your life. There are many Neem-oriented products available, and you can find the best. You will find the best products if you do a bit of research and compare. You can also visit an ayurvedic clinic to learn more about products that will benefit your health.

Effectiveness & Uses

There is preliminary evidence to rate effectiveness for…

Dental plaque. Research suggests that applying neem extract gel twice daily to the gums and teeth for six weeks may reduce plaque formation, and it may also reduce the number of bacteria that can lead to plaque formation. Using a mouth rinse with neem extract for two weeks does not reduce plaque or gingivitis.

Insect repellant. Research suggests that black flies can repelle by applying neem leaf or root extract to the skin. Using neem oil cream on the skin may also help repel some mosquitoes.

Ulcers. Research suggests that neem bark extract (30-60 mg) twice daily for ten weeks can heal intestinal and stomach ulcers.

Psoriasis. Early research has shown that neem extract taken by mouth for 12 weeks, combined with daily sun exposure, and applying a salicylic acid cream and coal tar, can reduce the severity of psoriasis symptoms.

  • Set stomach.
  • Breathing conditions.
  • Head lice.
  • Skin conditions and illnesses.
  • Heart disease.
  • Contraception (birth control).
  • Other conditions.

Side Effects

POSSIBLY SAF Neem can take by mouth for as long as ten weeks, and it can also be used inside the mouth for as much as six weeks or applie directly to the skin for as long as two weeks. POSSIBLY UNSAFE if Neem has been taken in large quantities or for prolonged periods. It can cause damage to the liver and kidneys.

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Special Warnings & Precautions

Children: Take neem oil or seeds by mouth. LIKELY UNSAFE For children. Small children and infants can experience severe side effects within hours of using neem oils. These side effects can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, blood disorders, and seizures.

The potential health advantages of Neem

While research on Neem is still in its early stages, it has promise in various areas of wellness, like blood sugar management and benefits for teeth, skin, hair, kidneys, liver, and teeth.

Remember that more human studies are require.

It might help improve hair health.

Neem seeds contain azadirachtin, an active chemical that can combat parasites affecting the skin and hair, including lice. Azadirachtin can stop parasite growth and also interfere with reproduction as well as other processes in the cellular.

A research study examining the effectiveness of a neem-based shampoo against hair lice among children putting shampoo on the hair for over 10 minutes was effective in killing lice and was mild on your hair and skin.

Neem extract and nimbidin, an ingredient found in the oil of Neem, could help treat dandruff because of their anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial qualities. Dandruff and scalp irritation could result from fungal accumulation over the hair ( 8Trusted Source, 12Trusted Source).

Can improve oral and dental health

Chewing neem bark for the hygiene of your mouth is a typical procedure across India ( 13Truste Source).

Neem’s antiseptic, anti-inflammatory antioxidant, and immune-boosting properties can help promote oral health. Although further research is needed, research suggests that Neem could ease discomfort and aid in treating gingivitis, periodontitis, gingivitis, or dental loss ( 3Trusted Source).

Additionally, studies in test tubes show that Neem can reduce bacteria’s ability to infiltrate the tooth’s surface and reduce plaque formation ( 14Trusted Source).

Additionally, in an investigation lasting 21 days that include 45 individuals suffering from gingivitis, Neem mouthwash was proveto be just as effective as the chlorhexidine-based mouthwash -a prescription-grade mouthwash — in decreasing plaque and gum bleeding ( 15Trusted Source).

It may aid kidney and liver health.

Neem’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties could help combat oxidative stress, which can improve the health of the kidneys and the liver.

Oxidative stress results from a buildup of unstable molecules referred to as free radicals. While your body naturally creates free radicals as part of metabolism, other factors boost their levels.

Certain medications, such as painkillers, cancer medication, and antipsychotics, can cause oxidative stress, which can cause tissue damage in the kidneys and liver ( 16Trusted Source).

Incredibly, one study of rats showed that the extract of neem leaves prevented liver damage caused by high doses of Acetaminophen ( 17Trusted Source).

Another study on a rat revealed similar results, suggesting that neem extracts can reduce the damage to kidney tissue caused by chemotherapy medications ( 18Trusted Source).

However, studies on humans are necessary.


The point is that Neem can be a great rescue for many of your health conditions, problems, and irritations. It is all about relief and getting cure. It is easy to find a variety of Ayurvedic Products when you start looking for them. The world of ayurvedic medicines continues to expand.

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