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Top Tips For Engaging Reluctant Readers

Many children see reading as something at the school level. Simultaneously, not a source of enjoyment or pleasure. It is important to determine the root reasons for the resistance. Could your child’s books be too tricky, or are they not enjoying them? Many parents desire their children to gain an interest in book reading. But If you have a reluctant reader, trying to convince them to open books can be challenging. Bring them into the fold with our blog on reluctant readers’ tips or how to get reluctant readers hooked. English Tuition in Ilford or London might help  them with cutting-edge and leading tools. It must be beneficial for reluctant readers. 

Difference between a Reluctant Reader and a Struggling Reader?

It’s not necessarily one who is difficult. They might not be interested in reading or would instead engage in other activities to relax. For instance, a struggling reader may find learning to read more difficult. Thus, it is because of a learning issue with speech and language. A reluctant reader meaning may be an able reader or may suffer from issues with reading books.  

How can I assist a reluctant reader?

Most reluctant readers struggle with getting their attention on a book. So the first step is to acknowledge their frustration and let them know you’re determined to tackle the issue. When a child is fluent when reading, they will be much more likely to continue reading to enjoy themselves. It will help them to develop their reading abilities. Therefore, a good book selection at the right reading level for your child will increase confidence and make reading enjoyable!

What are the reluctant readers’ tips?

Below are top reluctant readers tips that must be beneficial for them:

Create a Reading Routine  

Make time in 10-30 minutes per day to read aloud with your child. Please continue to read to and with your child until they’re confident readers. So, It’s an excellent opportunity to get to know children by discussing the book and making predictions on the future.

Dedicate a Cosy Reading Corner

Creating a welcoming space within the garden or home to read is an excellent incentive! Hence, with cushions and blankets to add more comfort.

Go to the Library

A trip to the library is an ideal method for your child to have access to an extensive book selection! So, if children can choose books they like, the likelihood is higher that they will select it!

Pick Visually Appealing Books 

Notably, for young children, vibrant colours, attractive covers, and large print are often the most effective ways of getting reluctant readers interested. Thus, illustrations or artwork can attract the reader.

Introduce them to an Ongoing Novels Collection

Giving them a book of series is likely to cause them to read more about the characters in these books. Therefore, they are great presents for Christmas or birthdays!

Read Through Technology 

Gadgets like tablets or e-readers can pique children’s interest in reading. Technology has revolutionised learning. They are considering that most children view the use of tablets as a way to have fun and enjoy it. Thus, this will boost their confidence.

You Can Listen To The Audiobooks 

Mix up the reading experience and listen to audiobooks to hear a portion of the book. Consequently, it’s the best way for a child to listen and follow through with an audiobook.

Start a Competition for Reading 

A reluctant reader with the incentive to read will help them stay motivated. So, why not join a library or book club?

Read to Younger Siblings

This could help reluctant readers and increase confidence in their ability to read.

Pair Reading with other Activities

Have your child follow the directions to an exciting game and then teach the entire family. They will not even realise they’re learning!

Let Them Read Whatever They Want:

Books are an excellent way to relax. However, reading game guides, magazines, and football league tables can be a step in the right direction. They could help a reluctant reader realise that they can read.

Praise their Accomplishments

Every child needs a little motivation, particularly with things they find boring. Just simply praise them by giving appreciation after finishing an entire chapter or book.

Follow Your Child’s Interests

Introduce your child to books that match their interests. Better yet, allow them to find and choose them by themselves! Find characters that you can connect with your child. Children will be more interested in the story if characters resemble their own or share similar interests. So, find books with illustrations and characters that children can identify with.

Closing Words

Need ways to get your reader who isn’t interested? These reluctant readers’ tips can inspire children to conquer any challenge they encounter from the comfort of their homes! From phonics to reading to writing, thus, they can aid in building the required foundational skills.



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