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Top 15 Advantages of Artificial Grass Installations

Artificial turf has many advantages, which are good to know before buying. Here are the strengths and weaknesses of synthetic lawns in detail. All the advantages of artificial grass, before tackling the weak points, let’s start with the strong points of synthetic turf.

Synthetic Turf is an Economical Coating

More expensive to buy than natural grass, synthetic grass is financially depreciated after the fifth year of its installation .

Indeed, Artificial grass Milton Keynes does not require any regular watering, or renewal of seedlings, or addition of fertilizers or phytosanitary products. All these costs disappear, from the first year, with artificial grassing.

We must then do the calculation over 20 to 25 years, which is the average lifespan of our products. The expenditure curve is balanced and then reversed from the sixth year.

Strong point: The installation of an artificial lawn is a long-term investment. Give preference to products guaranteed for 10 years and having a really longer lifespan.

Artificial Lawn Incredibly Realistic

on the left synthetic lawn on the right artificial lawn

To the eye and to the touch, our synthetic lawns are incredibly realistic. Gone are the days of synthetic turf that you can spot at first glance! All manufacturers, French and European, have made enormous progress in the visual and tactile rendering of their products

Astroturf is Multidirectional and non-shiny

At Azurio, we consider that the aesthetics of our products are as important as their longevity.

To achieve this perfectly realistic rendering, we use matte, multi-directional blades of grass. These, once brushed, orient themselves differently and intermingle to give the appearance of natural grass.

This is very easily verified, by comparing our samples with those of other manufacturers or dealers.

Persistent Green Artificial Lawn

Keeping a green lawn in all seasons is very beneficial. Especially if you rent your property in the summer. Your tenants will benefit from a perfect decor. 

Artificial Grass Used For Interior Decoration

Synthetic grass can also be used elsewhere than in a garden or around a swimming pool. In the city, more and more decorations are being created using artificial grass. Ephemeral decorations, to revamp a space or create a staging.

Give a cozy touch to a balcony, green a roof terrace, dress up an important event, such as a wedding or a baptism, or decorate large spaces open to the public.

Strong point: your decor maintains a realistic and homogeneous aestheticism, as well as a persistent greenery, whatever the season.

Installing synthetic turf is more comfortable

Aesthetic comfort and comfort of life: synthetic turf requires little maintenance. It is beautiful immediately and for a long time. It insulates the ground, protects your living space and your swimming pool from mud.

If your pool has just been installed, and you want to create a slab all around, you have to wait at least a year for the ground to stabilize. Synthetic grass allows you to instantly enjoy a harmonious decor around your pool. To limit the mud in the bathing water and in the house. It is always possible, as the ground subsides, to lift the sod to add sand.

In winter, limit the mud in your home

In winter, when it rains or snows, soft ground quickly becomes muddy. This mud is inevitably found on the floors of houses. It is then necessary to clean. Synthetic turf has the advantage of being placed on a geotextile layer which insulates the surface of the earth. You will no longer have mud inside the houses.

Artificial Grass Protect your Pets from Parasites

Synthetic grass harbors fewer pests than natural grass. It is good for the health of your pets. You will have less paw prints inside your house. And fewer plants clinging to the hairs of your companions.

Fake Grass Several Ecological Advantages

Many nature lovers switch to synthetic turf! And for good reason: synthetic turf has real ecological virtues .

Synthetic Grass Reduces Drinking Water Consumption

First, as we have seen, natural grass consumes a great deal of drinking water, especially during long periods of drought. Reducing your water consumption saves money but also considerably reduces the environmental bill!

No Pollution of Ground water

Another ecological advantage: synthetic grass does not need any fertilizer to grow. Often, the residue of natural grass fertilizer ends up in the water table. This is also the case with phytosanitary products that are used to eliminate pests from natural grass. These pollutants become unnecessary after the installation of an artificial lawn.

Fake Grass limits Soil Waterproofing

Soil waterproofing is currently widely criticized for being the cause of historic floods, and increasingly deadly and devastating floods. Contrary to popular belief, artificial turf is completely permeable. This coating, regularly perforated, allows rainwater to pass through and therefore does not participate in waterproofing the floors. 

French production: a reduced carbon footprint 

Finally, the fact that our products are manufactured and stored in France, minimizes road transport and therefore reduces the carbon footprint.

Strengths: Synthetic grass does not use drinking water, fertilizers or pesticides. It does not have waterproof floors.

Artificial Lawn durable Coating

Quality man-made lawns are generally appreciated for their longevity. Those formed from polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) are both beautiful and strong, and have a lifespan of more than 20 years.

With this type of product mainly originating in Europe, we are a long way from planned obsolescence, which affects so many other industrial sectors today.

Because a quality artificial turf lasts over time, but it is also very easy to repair. To do this, store some of your offcuts. They can be used in case of addicts.

Strong point: lasts 20 to 25 years. Easy to repair.

No watering for fake grass

Major advantage of synthetic turf: it does not waste water

Relocating our production to this part of the national territory, strongly impacted by the industrial crisis, is part of our founding values ​​and of a strong will.

In this sense, Artificial Grass Installer Milton Keynes are also humanly responsible and united products, since they were designed and manufactured on the national territory, by a highly qualified French workforce.



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