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This Story Behind Europe Education Brief Guide

The Quality Code for Higher Education is used to assure the ethics and quality of advanced education and is kept up to date by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

It’s used by advanced education providers to guarantee they’re achieving the issues anticipated of them. It presents a series of reference points to help providers offer their scholars a high-quality experience.

It gives all advanced education providers a participated starting point for setting, describing, and assuring the academic norms of their advanced education awards and programs and the quality of the literacy openings they give. 

It’s important to remember that universities themselves have the primary responsibility for assuring that applicable ethos is being achieved and that they offer a good quality education. 

The Quality Code has informed the development of programs and procedures for maintaining academic morality, quality, and shaping the pupil experience at the College, and are a useful source of reference and guidance on good practice in the sector.

The European dimension

In 1999, the Bologna Declaration was inked by member countries of the European Union to work towards a European Higher Education Area by 2010. This aimed to establish a frame for lesser clearness and community of advanced education qualifications across Europe, to enable lesser mobility of scholars, staff, and workers.

The three rights-of-way of the Bologna process are the intro of the three-cycle system (bachelorette/ master/ doctorate), quality assurance, and recognition of qualifications and ages of study.

 One of the most important developments in quality assurance has been the relinquishment of the European Norms and Guidelines as an apan-European model. Both this and the European Quality Framework have multifold corresponding features and are generally compatible with UK models, however, there are still some differences of approach with regard to credit recognition. 

The emergence of the European Norms and Guidelines (ESG) for Quality Assurance has been seen as an important step towards realizing the European Higher Education Area by creating further clarity and responsibility in the area of quality assurance.

Europe the babel palace

Europe has 11 authorized languages honored and registered. That means that any authorized document is rephrased and must be available in those 11 languages. Numerous people in Europe are jealously proud and are willing to save this language diversity. 

  • But it’s assumed that when it comes to education and mobility across Europe the diverseness of languages constitutes one, if not the biggest, handicap to overcome.
  • Europe has been facing a double and supposedly antithetical challenge
  • On one side to keep, in each country, a high standard quality for the native language tutored at academy.
  • On the other end to increase mobility and communication across Europe and thus allow all our youth to be suitable to use one or further foreign languages.

To address this issue Europe has introduced consecutively two main programs called Socrates and Leonardo da Vinci. Both programs constitute a kind of frame inside which a series of subprograms have been developed as for case Comenius and Lingua.

Also public ministries of education have applied general recommendations embraced at the European position. One of these is aimed to let every pupil in Europe be “exposed” to at least two foreign languages during forced secondary academy time.

It seems that the methodology used to educate those fresh languages isn’t perforce applicable to give them with the necessary chops to exercise those languages.

Secondary academy and wisdom education

Generally, “lore” don’t regard for a large proportion of the class the number of hours of wisdom lessoned per week in secondary academies varies between 2 and 4 hours on average, including the laboratory hours when they live. 

For several reasons among which cost of outfit and structure demanded, we know that practical (hours of laboratory work) are veritably many and the tendency is to reduce them indeed more.



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