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The 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Best Invisalign Doctor

You’ve decided to get Invisalign, but now you have another decision to make: which doctor should you go to? This can be a difficult choice – after all, this will be the person who helps change your smile. There are several questions you should ask yourself before choosing the best Invisalign doctor, which we’ll outline below in our guide to choosing the best Invisalign doctor site for you. If you answer these questions carefully, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect orthodontist to fit your needs!

1) Where does your practice take place?

Where does your practice take place? There are three primary practice settings for orthodontists: independent, group, and hospital. Each setting offers different benefits that make it a better fit for some people than others. Finding a location that’s convenient for you will ensure that you keep up with appointments and get all of your questions answered quickly and efficiently.

2) Do you take my insurance?

This is a really important question, especially if you have dental insurance. Most dentists in your area who provide Invisalign are likely taking at least one of three types of insurance: Delta Dental, Cigna, or Guardian. But just because they accept that type of coverage doesn’t mean they’re in-network with your provider. If they’re not, you’ll probably end up paying more out-of-pocket and having to file additional paperwork. You might not care if you get a little bit of extra money back or don’t have to fill out some forms—but other people might!

3) What training do you have?

You should select a doctor who has gone through years of rigorous training. For example, if you are looking for a periodontist, ask them about their training and certification as well as what type of periodontal treatment they specialize in. Another good question is how long they have been practicing dentistry in your area. Also, take some time to read through their reviews before making a decision.

4) What are your qualifications?

Are you board-certified in orthodontics? Do you have any special training or awards for excellence in your field? What kind of experience do you have working with patients like me? What kind of training did you receive from a medical or dental school, and when was it? Are there any continuing education courses that will help me monitor your professional development as an orthodontist? How many years have you been practicing, and where were you practicing before coming here? In order to make sure that I’m getting excellent care, what is your plan for ensuring my continued satisfaction throughout treatment (i.e., will someone be checking up on me periodically)?

5) Can I get a consultation with you?

There’s no harm in asking if you can get a consultation with the new best orthodontist near me. You’ll want to ask more questions and gather more information before signing on, so it’s fine (and advisable) to meet with several prospective doctors. Before you commit, ask these five questions of your dentist:

  1. Is he or she accredited by the American Board of Orthodontics?
  2. What percentage of patients are recommended for Invisalign treatment?
  3. How many years has he or she been practicing?
  4. What are his or her educational qualifications?
  5. Do patients leave satisfied with results and how often do they return for follow-up appointments?


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