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An Introduction To South African Foods

South African food is vibrant, smart, and truly unique — just like the country’s people and culture. A admixture of African, Dutch, French, and Malay, among others, have told South African cookery through the decades.

For your coming trip to this beautiful country, then’s our list of top South African foods you simply have to try.


There’s arguably not a more iconic food to start with than South African braai. Braai, simply, is the Afrikaans for fry or caff.

But the word‘braai’is far further than the grilling of meat. Braais are a social event, deeply lodged in ultramodern South African culture. Braais bring buddies and families together. Traditionally, wood is used to keep the fires burning to cook the meat. But in recent times, ultramodern styles like watercolor fires are also used.

Braais are genuinely comparable to potlucks. Companies will bring their own meat, salads, and other food to the event. 

Common braai flesh include boerewors, skewers, angel, and funk in condiment. Fish are grilled in the littoral areas.


Multifold will also make them for braais. From there, you can stuff it with one of the multiple dainty types of meat straight off the caff.

Vetkoek are heavily told by the Dutch oliebol. It’s a authentically popular food among the poorest townships and cities of South Africa. This is largely down to how simple they’re to make while being authentically filler. Street dealers and fast food stores vend them by the truckload.


This dish originates back to Roman times. Ancient Roman cookers would blend and season a combination of tender flesh and brickle nuts, also exceed it with a subcaste of milk and egg.

Brought to South Africa by the Dutch, moment’s form is an charming dish enhanced by spices like curry greasepaint. Dried fruit is also used to beautify the top. Raisins and apricots help give a final gooey kick to this hearty South African food.

Tomato Bredie

Mutton traditionally was used in the form, but moment you ’ll generally see it cooked with succulent pieces of South African angel.

A belt of the washing broth will release a number of awesome flavors the length of your lingo. Oriental spinach is traditionally used, but juicy tomatoes are a common relief.

 This stew is also blessed with cinnamon, bounce, and chili, while sap, cardamom, and Cape water lillies all play their part in the dish’s unique taste.

Durban Bunny Chow

This culinary delight is made by hollowing out a loaf of white chuck. Once hollowed, the loaf is filled with any number of dainty curries.It’s believed Indians working in the sugar club colonies hollowed out the loaves so that they could carry their lunch to work.

You can find this appetizing dish across South Africa. Durban, still, will give you the true authentic experience. Curries of all spices and heat situations are used. Bunny chow is also served with grated carrot, salad, and rice.


Biltong comes in a wide range of flesh. Sliced beef is common, but if you ’re feeling further bold, native South African flesh like tender kudu and sneak can be eaten as biltong.

Numerous constituents help give biltong its important taste and crisp texture. Along with swab and ginger, pepper, coriander, chili, nutmeg, and a wide range of other seasonings are used.

Gatsby Sandwich

The sandwich was first made in the megacity in 1976. An proprietor of a lately bought shop wanted a quick and easy way to feed his construction workers.

So, he got resourceful. He snappily cooked and stuffed some French feasts, polony, and fix into a large loaf of chuck, also cut it into four. One of the workers had lately watched the film‘The Great Gatsby’in the original cinema. He took his first bite and incontinently fell in love.



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