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Seven Common Misconceptions About Fashion

The word ‘myth’ probably brings up adolescent memories of silly misconceptions. Alike if you kept crossing your eyes the wind will blow on it and it’ll stay crossed forever. Or that if you sneeze with your eyes open your eyeballs will pop out.

When it comes to fashion, there are some myths and rules that have been heard for a long time as well. For example, you should wear more than one print at a time, or avoid horizontal stripes.

However, there are plenty of expensive items from a fast-fashion company too. As they need a lot of money (not for the workers in their supply chains but) for advertising and marketing.

This means that some ethical and sustainable clothes might sometimes be in a similar price range to the unethical and harmful alternative. Some of the myths are:

You can’t mix prints

Look for prints in complementary shades for a safe way to rock mismatched prints. And try wearing one print that’s bigger than the other to keep it classy. Alternatively, wear a striped pattern with florals for easy print success.

Horizontal stripes make you look fat

Different stripes give different effects so experiment to see what works for you. And don’t be afraid to mix horizontals with verticals, or even diagonals if you’re feeling particularly crazy. The important thing is, you don’t have to be constricted by the horizontal stripe myth.

Ethical clothes are ugly

Unfortunately, some people still believe that sustainable fashion is just batik T-shirts or super old and damaged clothes. But this must be the easiest argument to rebut. After all, the most unique and chic clothes are found in second-hand. And thrift stores or at clothing swap events.

Sequins are ‘too dressy’ for the day

Make the look casual by dressing down a sparkly jacket with a simple skirt, tee and trainers or ankle boots. Or try a sequined skirt with a tee and plain jacket. Or you can even get away with a sequin slip dress by wearing a plain tee underneath. Basically – wear it with a tee! It can be your statement piece without being too much, as long as you make sure to balance it out.

You can’t wear socks with sandals

It’s no myth that this is NOT okay. And never seen in any circumstances. As an alright way to dress your feet in the morning. We’re all up for being comfortable, but let’s not go too far now…This is really going to depend on your own style.

Some people can pull off slouchy socks with fluffy sliders. Which may not be for everyone so experiment to see what works. Fishnet ankle socks with open toe heels is a good start. Then as you grow more confident you can move into playful patterned socks with block heels.

You can’t wear gold and silver jeweler at the same time

This is another weird myth that’s been knocking about with no real reasoning behind it. One of the beauties with accessorizing is mixing and matching pieces. A 100 per cent look does not mean to be polished. And often you’ll find the most fashion-forward outfits by putting things you wouldn’t usually think to pair together.

Have a go at layering thin silver and gold chains to create an elegant neck statement. And don’t be afraid to mix up your rings in different gold and silvers. As long as the style matches, there’s no reason why you can’t pair them together. To build up a dual metallic look.



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