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Olight PL-2 Valkyrie LED Weapon Light Review

In the never-ending quest for quality, performance, and value in the market for everyday carry, there is frequently little to differentiate specific goods. One of the greatest weapon lights I’ve discovered is the Olight Weapon Light Valkyrie. It has these distinguishing characteristics that make it stand out to me.

I have already written about my preference for a weapon light without a laser over one with a laser. Nothing has altered my viewpoint. A light enables faster target acquisition without the need to locate the light.

Two CR123A Batteries Power

The PL-2 Valkyrie’s high-lumen CREE XHP35 LED, emits up to 1200 lumens. Batteries can only be replaced when the lamp is removed from its installation. The Olight Weapon Light is claimed as having a 235-meter-long concentrated beam created by a TIR optic lens best for optimal use

It boasts a sturdy construction and a compact design and has been precisely machined. In comparison to other goods on the market, the heavy-duty rapid attach and release mounting system is one of my favorite features. Once fastened, there is no mobility at all.

The method makes installation and removal effortless, eliminating the need to manually tighten a bolt. Two adapters for mounting with a 1913 or Glock-style rail are included Brighten Your World

The Ambidextrous Switch

My second favorite feature is the ambidextrous switch, which permits the user to maintain their preferred grip while using the momentary-on Olight Weapon Light, constant on, or strobe settings. I particularly appreciate the absence of levers found on some competitor models in favor of buttons. The buttons are easy to access and use, and unlike levers, they are not susceptible to breaking or falling off.

The Best-Looking Weapon Lights Available

Due to its simplicity and polish, I believe this is one of the best-looking weapon lights available. In terms of battery life, waterproofness, beam quality, and overall functionality, it performs as well as or better than competing $100 Olight Weapon Light. The light withstood the rigors of shooting at the range, and I have faith that it will operate well in real-world situations as well.

The OLIGHT Odin Mini And The OLIGHT BALDR Mini

OLIGHT sent two lights for testing: the Olight Weapon Light Odin Mini and the OLIGHT BALDR Mini. The Odin Mini was packaged in a sturdy box with what I would describe as a coffin-style opening. Regardless of the name, it was a pleasant addition and an excellent first impression of quality. The BALDR Mini was packaged in a compact, more conventional box, which was encased in a protective plastic shell Brighten Your World

The Care Of Product Packaging

While some consumers may not pay attention to the care taken to pack products (insert my father here), some of us certainly appreciate it when companies take pride not only in their product – which is expected – but also in the care of product packaging to ensure that the product reaches the consumer undamaged. This aspect has been dominated by Olight Weapon Light.

Olight Odin Mini

Olight Weapon Light Odin Mini with pressure activation pad included. (OLIGHT)The Odin Mini, according to the OLIGHT website, contains the following features: Aluminum Alloy Body, 1,250 Lumens, 240 m (787.5 ft.) Beam Distance, Magnetic Charging Cable MCC3, 2040mAh 18500 Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery, 14,400 candelas, High/Low Alternative. Brighten Your World

Included Pressure Switch And Mount

Compatible with both M-LOK and Picatinny Rails Length: 4.55 inches (115.5 mm) Head Diameter: 1.14 in (29 mm) Body Dimensions: 1.01 inches (25.7 mm) Weight: 6.21 oz (176 g). Brighten Your World

Weapon-Mounted Light With A Pressure Pad

As discussed previously, the Odin Mini provides a strong feeling in the hand without being so large as to cause fitment issues on one’s weapon or so heavy as to throw off the weapon’s balance. I also enjoy that the Odin Mini can operate as both a pocket light for everyday carry and a weapon-mounted light with a pressure pad.

Using either the M-LOK rail mount or the supplied Picatinny rail attachment, it is easy to put the Odin Mini on a long gun, and the instructions are straightforward.

ALL Required Attachments In The Odin’s Box

I particularly appreciate the Olight Weapon Light decision to provide ALL required attachments in Odin’s box without charging extra for additional accessories. The following things are included in the package and do not require further purchase:



The OLIGHT BALDR Mini is a pistol-mounted LED light and a green laser weapon. The typical advantage of a green laser over a red laser is that the green light spectrum lights better and at greater potential distances than the red-light spectrum does during daylight or in areas with high levels of ambient light.

The BALDR Mini, according to the OLIGHT website

includes the following features: Aluminum Alloy Body 600 Lumens Beam Distance of 426 Ft. (130 M) USB Charging Cable Magnet 3.7V 230mAh Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery 4,225 candela IP-X4 Waterproof Compact Dimensions (Car key / Zippo Lighter) Length: 2.24 inches (57 mm)  Width: 0.35 inches (32.8 mm Height: 0.35 inches (35.8 mm) Weight: 3.07 oz (87 g) with Olight Coupon Code.

Light Endeavour:

Olight Weapon Light takes pride in being a brand that offers high-quality flashlights that have been rigorously tested and proven to surpass customer expectations; they include EDC lights, tactical lights, self-defense lights, headlamps, and Brighten Your World cycling lights, camping lights, and accessories. Olight has strived for years to provide cutting-edge illumination products to aid you in your daily work and outdoor exploration.

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Brighten Your World

Our company’s raison d’être is the production of high-quality goods for your nighttime conquest. While empowering each flashlight to be a one-of-a-kind testimony to your joyous moments. Importantly, our ultimate objective is to cheer you up through your darkest hours.

Be courageous and embrace obstacles while enjoying every step of your journey with an Olight by your side, courtesy of our sturdy lighting equipment and unparalleled customer care.



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