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Non Invasive Anti Aging Treatments | Dadu Medical Centre

Would you like to erase all your aging signs without surgery?

Natural aging is a process wherein in which, with increasing age, there is a loss of youthful and bright skin, and this process also makes the skin appear dry and thin with reduced elasticity. Such aged skin can also be an outcome of extrinsic factors such as lifestyle choices and environment that results in premature aging. With new upcoming cosmetic technology provided at Dadu Medical Centre, the effects of aging can be slowed down, and the skin can be enhanced in firmness, tone, and texture to boost individual self-esteem.

Treat aging concerns using non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures-

Dadu Medical Centre, Best Anti-Aging Clinic In Delhi, offers the best anti-aging treatments like lasers, fillers, phot facial, thread lift, and collagen induction treatment. Non-surgical treatments have less or no downtime and also minimum side effects or discomfort. Some of the available non-surgical treatment options to stop premature aging include:

Vampire Facelift- As aging takes place, collagen production is decreased, and this causes sagging and wrinkles formation. Vampire facelift is one of the best anti-aging treatments, in which new collagen is produced using the patient’s own factors that help to diminish the visible signs of aging and result in brighter and healthier skin.

DNA Repair Technique- In this treatment, thousands of microscopic spots are created on the skin so that the laser heat can penetrate the deeper skin layers and stimulate collagen production. The laser thermal effect can bring improvement in the fine lines, wrinkles, and other superficial aging signs. 

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers- The facial folds and wrinkles can be relaxed by using some injectable fillers. The fillers include hyaluronic acid that will help restore the lost volume, elasticity, collagen, and hydration. This treatment makes the skin appears younger.

Anti Wrinkle injections- In this treatment anti-aging protein is injected directly into the wrinkle-producing muscles present underneath the skin. This results in paralysis or relaxation of highly active muscles, thereby smoothening the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles. 

Photo facial (Intense Pulsed Light Therapy)- This is useful for people who want to treat photo-aging caused due to harmful UV exposure. Broad-spectrum wavelengths of light are directed onto the area to be treated, thereby causing thermal damage and stimulating collagen production. This treatment provides evenness to the skin texture and addresses multiple aging signs at a particular time.

Thread Lift (Barbed Suture Lift)- This anti-aging facelift treatment is used to tighten the sagging skin, resulting in a radiant and youthful appearance. Medical-grade suture materials are inserted into the wrinkled skin and underlying soft tissues to create a web framework using tiny needles. The threads are tightened in such a way that it pulls up the drooping skin. This treatment causes new elastin and collagen production at the target site, causes enhancement and skin revitalization, and this causes a reduction in wrinkles. It is a minimally-invasive method for a cosmetic purpose that is performed for people who want an alternative to facelift surgery. 

Age Erase- This treatment offers the best methods that help reduce wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and blemishes. This laser skin resurfacing treatment uses ablative non-fractional lasers that can dramatically improve the skin laxity, tone, and texture and also reduce other common signs of aging. This skin resurfacing treatment stimulates natural collagen and elastin production in the skin of the face, neck, chest, and hands and offers best anti-aging benefits.

Skin experts at Dadu Medical Centre can help one understand their skin inside out. The dermatologists first assess skin type, make a diagnosis, and then proceed further by suggesting ideal medication and anti-aging treatments in Delhi to offer one with dramatic results. To get an individualized treatment for skin aging concerns, Best Skin Specialist in Delhi Dr. Nivedita Dadu at Dadu Medical Centre, Delhi.



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