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Mouth Guard for Braces: How to Fit a Mouthguard with Braces

Mouth guards are incredibly important if you play sports and could injure your mouth or jaw. But, how do you know which mouth guard to use if you have braces? The key is to select a mouth guard for braces that will not interfere with your braces, but also protect your teeth and gums in case of injury. Here’s what you need to know about fitting a mouth guard with braces.

Choosing a mouth guard

When playing contact sports or in an activity that could cause facial injuries, it’s important to wear a mouth guard. Custom mouth guards are generally more comfortable than boil-and-bite models, and they better protect against injury. However, if you have braces or another dental condition, fitting a custom mouth guard can be difficult. Before ordering one, consult your dentist to see what type of mouth guard for braces would be best suited for your needs. To help ensure that you get an accurate fit from your new mouth guard and avoid injury during sporting activities or other events where face injuries are likely (e.g., concerts), try these tips when choosing and fitting your new mouthpiece .

If your mouth guard for braces does not fit correctly, ask your dentist about getting a different model. Also consider visiting our office to have one professionally fitted. You should visit our office as soon as possible after starting to wear braces; there may be adjustments needed before you find comfort while wearing both at once. Your first appointment will include x-rays and impressions of your teeth so we can make sure everything is positioned correctly. In addition, some adjustments may need to be made after getting braces so that they properly align with each other and prevent any damage caused by food catching between them. Talk with us about how often visits will be necessary—the answer varies depending on each patient’s situation—and schedule regular appointments every six months or sooner if problems arise.

Assembling the mouth guard

Some mouth guards are sold as one piece. Others come in separate top and bottom parts that need to be snapped together. With either kind, you should wear them over your upper teeth (you don’t want these going into your sinuses!). To get started, lay out your mouth guard as illustrated in step 1. For one-piece guards, lay it on its side with both pieces facing up (step 2). For two-piece guards, lay each part on top of each other so that they match up at their edges (step 3).

Installing the mouth guard

The key to installing any mouth guard is proper molding. You want a guard that fits comfortably, protects your teeth and gums, and isn’t too bulky. To get started, wash your hands and take a hot shower or warm up in front of an open oven; both will help soften up your jaw muscles. Next, wrap some masking tape around your wrist until you can see about an inch of skin below it. This will provide you with a temporary mold for fitting your mouth guard.

Tips and tricks for success

Think about how you will make it work with your braces. There are two different ways that fit either side of your mouth. You can choose something like an over-the-counter boil and bite mouth guard for braces or invest in one that’s made from a more comfortable plastic. Try out different ones, and see which one is best for you and your needs! You don’t have to buy them online, as they can be found at most sporting goods stores. This way you can try them on, find something that works, then go back home and purchase it online at a cheaper price! Don’t forget to always put in a piece of tape under your chin; otherwise, it may move around when you play sports.



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