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Mosaic a Small Table

Accidents do happen and, instead of taking an unforgivable trip to the garbage bin to throw away the broken pieces of your most loved vase or dish put them aside for an idea for a rainy day. With a collection of colorful or pattern pieces and an unassuming, sturdy wooden table, let your imagination work and create a unique mosaic table top. The final product could be so enjoyable that you might have to be careful to not break the best of your dishes.

1. Cut a template to the right side of the table’s form made from a poster board.

2. Create a sketch of the pattern you want to create on the template paper employing colored pencils. Lay pieces of broken ceramic, tile or dishes on the pattern paper as dry-run designs. Move the pieces to make sure that each edge is roughly 1/8 to 1/4 inch from each other. Put the pieces that have flat edges around the edges of the layout, unless your tabletop is rimmed.

3. Abrade the edges and top of the tabletop made of wood to get rid of a shiny finish to ensure better adhesion of the glue used for tile with sandpaper that is 80-grit.

4. Use the knife with the serrated edge of a handsaw or an old bread knife over the tabletop using an arc to roughen the surface further. Apply just enough pressure to create scratch marks or tiny gouges. Remove sanding dust as well as any other bits that are loose with a damp rag.

5. Spread a thin layer of premixed tile adhesive on the tabletop with an angled trowel. Look over the label of the adhesive for the type of adhesive you are using; some will dry in less than an hour. Only tile an area you can efficiently tile in the time period.

6. Use the tiles of the template on paper to the tabletop’s adhesive using one tile at one time. Use a trowel or finger that is gloved to spread a thin layer of adhesive on every tile before placing it in its place. If your tiles appear thin, apply more adhesive over the back of each piece so that they can be an even level with the bigger tile pieces on your tabletop.

7. Clean across the surface of your mosaic while you try to eliminate any adhesive residue before it sets by using a damp sponge.

8. Give it 24 hours for the adhesive to set completely on the tiles.

9. Mix the grout well with water until it is a dense and non-pourable consistency.

10. Drop a huge glob of grout onto the table using the trowel’s pointed end to act as a shovel.

11. Fill the cracks in between the tiles by grouting them using the trowel pointed as you would employ the knife to spread icing over cakes. Inject grout into all gaps between the tiles.

12. Allow the grout to be set for as long as 30 minutes or the amount of time specified on the label prior to cleaning off the excess of the mosaic using a moist sponge.



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