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LED lights for a brighter and smarter home!

LED lights are semiconductor devices that emit light when current flows through them. They are also known as a light-emitting diode. These lights are considered to be more efficient than other light-producing devices such as incandescent bulbs or CFLs.

LED lights have been widely used for a long period. They have replaced all the harmful devices that might cause environmental problems and even harm to one’s health.

The lighting industry has gone through this technological advancement, making LEDs the best choice in terms of efficiency, cost as well as safety. They’re much better than all the different lighting sources, and we’ll tell you why.

How do LEDs emit light?

LED bulb are a composition of different types of materials. When electricity is passed through them, these materials get excited and thus emit light in the form of photons. The current flows through the p-n junction of the diode producing a low-energy consuming and long-life light.

Due to this phenomenon, LEDs produce high efficient lights and have replaced almost all the light-emitting devices in most of the world.

Why use LED lights?

We’re living in a world that is in the middle of a lighting revolution. LED lights have been used increasingly in almost all houses because of the various advantages it provides to their customers in terms of cost as well as efficiency.

The advantages of using LEDs are

  • They have a longer lifespan.

LEDs have a longer lifespan than any average bulb. An average incandescent bulb would last for not more than 1000 hours. However, an LED  lasts for about 50,000-100,000 hours, depending on how one uses it. That means  they could also last up to six to twelve years if used carefully.

  • They’re super eco-friendly.

One of the most important features a lighting device should have is that it  should be eco-friendly. Eco-friendly devices are widely asked by the customers since they want to reduce the environmental problems caused by the use of CFLs. 

LED lights are completely eco-friendly. They can be used for a longer period without worrying about its effects on the environment.

  • No UV or heat radiations

Incandescent bulbs turn most of the energy they utilize into heat. This causes various problems because most of the energy isn’t converted to light.

This isn’t the case with LEDs. They produce negligible amounts of heat and are also said to be a possible solution for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

There is also no UV rays exposure which is very healthy for the environment.

  • It is energy-efficient

LEDs are energy efficient, which means they produce almost no waste light. They save a lot of energy and are also very helpful in financial savings. LEDs are the best and a smart investment for installing a light source at your home or office. 

They save energy as well as your hard-earned money!

  • It can even operate during low voltage!

Since LEDs take as less energy as possible, they can also be installed in places where there is little voltage offered. In places where there is regular flooding, there will be a minimal amount of energy resulting in a low-voltage system in the area. Therefore, LEDs are the perfect solution for such situations.

  • Flexible in designs too

LEDs have a very small size and thus can be used in almost all applications. Apart from using them in your house or office as a lighting source, they can also be strung together and be used as a string of Christmas or decorative lights. Due to this size flexibility, LEDs can fit in anywhere you want them to without thinking about costs or damage.

  • Safe to use

LEDs are also safe to use as they emit negligible heat and thus are cool to touch, unlike other lighting sources. Due to this, LEDs reduce the risks of burns and fires, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Where can LEDs be used?

LEDs can be installed in any application because they come in a varied range of colours too. LEDs are widely used almost everywhere for different purposes.

LED can be used in applications
  • It can be used in smartphone backlighting
  • As TV backlighting
  • Used in reading and desk lamps
  • They are also used as security lights
  • Used in calculators and digital computers
  • They are also used as a lighting source in multiplexes

LEDs also come in a huge range of  colours, such as red, green, blue, and amber. A pool of different colours can be blended and used as decorative lights, especially in festivals like Christmas and Diwali. LEDs aren’t made with filters to produce colour lights. Unlike traditional lighting sources, they are completely efficient and cost-effective.

Therefore, LEDs are your go-to lighting source you need to use in your house or office. They are versatile and also very durable. This makes them the best choice among other lighting sources.



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