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Kyte Baby is one of my favourite stores to buy baby items. I’ll discuss all of the Kyte Baby goods we’ve purchased or how much we adore them in this review.

Why We Like Kyte BABY

They wear soft garments made of bamboo. You’re losing out if you’ve never felt bamboo cloth. I’m genuinely astonished by how soft Kyte Baby items are.

Unique- Kyte Baby items have incredibly adorable colours and prints that are exclusive to this company. No other place will have them.

Breathable—Regardless of the weather, this feature keeps your baby secure and at ease.

Hypoallergenic – This is crucial for young children and infants with delicate skin. They won’t react to the substance.

Long lasting—I was astounded by how long our twins wore each of their things from this company. All of them have outlasted their stated size for us. This is due to fabric’s flexibility.

Kyte BABY Overview

Ying, the founder of Kyte Baby, founded the business since her kid suffered from persistent eczema. Bamboo was 3 degrees cooler then cotton and hypoallergenic. In the Kyte Baby pyjamas rather than the pyjamas she previously wore, her daughter began to sleep much better.

For the us orders over $85, Canadian orders over $135, and international orders over $300, delivery is free. Except for things purchased on final sale, items that really are unwashed and unworn are returnable within 30 days.

Kyte BABY Bamboo Footies

Four footies were included in our initial order. The footies with zippers won out over those with snaps for us. The one with snaps seem a little cuter in my opinion, but they require so much more labour. When your infant is small, it’s likely that they will stay up late, and you don’t want to match up snaps on their garment in the dark.

We decided to purchase the zippered ones because I still think they are adorable. They are incredibly soft and composed of bamboo. The bamboo fabric is so smooth and soft that I am at a loss for words.

Violet, my daughter, received the hues of dusk and plum. We received slate and emerald for my baby Milo. Our favourites ended up being plum and emerald. Emerald is a beautiful colour for a boy or a girl, and we’ve used it on Violet some few times.

The dual zipper is one of our favourite features of these bamboo baby clothing. This indicates that it has a top- or bottom-zipping option. It greatly simplifies changing diapers.

When we initially put the pyjamas on them, we saw that they were extremely content and relaxed. They appeared to be really at ease in their attire, in my opinion.

Since my twins had just recently started wearing that size, we purchased the 3-6 months. At first, they were a touch large, but not so large that they were uncomfortable wearing them.

My twins now are fixed at 8 months old. They normally wear a size 6-9 month in other brands, however their Kyte Baby footies are still a size 3-6 month! Although they’re almost outgrowing them, the fact that they can keep an outfit for five months makes it worthwhile.

Kyte BABY Bamboo Sleep Bags

The sleep bags we received from Kyte Baby are the 1.0 TOG sleep bags. To complement the footies we purchased, we obtained slate and plum. They are equally as soft as baby footies. They have a fluffy texture and appear to be very cosy for sleeping. The size 0-6 months that we received fit perfectly.

To determine the proper TOG for your infant, just use Kyte Baby sleep sack temperature reference located on the product pages for sleep sacks. You’ll need a thinner one in the winter and a thicker one in the hot months.

Kyte BABY Bamboo Rompers

The Kyte Baby order for the summer was just placed. We bought sleeveless rompers for each of my babies. For Violet, we selected terracotta, and for Milo, matcha. I love what they look together so much! The matcha is a lovely, pastel green, while the terracotta is sort of a peachy pink/orange tint.

We chose snaps for these even though I prefer the utility of zippers more since I think they were much nicer.

We received 6-12 month sizes. I was astonished that they shrunk really a little when we cleaned them. They still fit, and I fully anticipate that they will do so throughout the summer. However, if your infant is in the middle of a size, I would size up. These look adorable on a toddler as well. The sizes range from 18 to 24 months.

Kyte BABY Rewards Program

On the Kyte Baby website, you can accumulate points for use on future purchases. For every 100 points, $5 can be spent at Kyte Baby.

You receive one point for every dollar you spend, five points for uploading a review-accompanied photo or video, ten points for writing a product review, thirty points for creating an account, ten points for following Kyte Baby on Facebook, & ten points for following Kyte Baby on Instagram. You also receive 100 points on your birthday.

How Much It’s Cost?

Compared to other infant firms, Kyte Baby items are more expensive. Priced at $33, $28 for the sleeveless romper, and $50 for 1.0 tog sleep bags, these baby Zippered Footies are also available.

Is It Worth The Price?

All the Kyte Baby products I’ve discussed in this Kyte Baby review come highly recommended. When compared to infant clothes from the larger retailers, I can assure you that they have been worth the extra cost.

I’m glad to invest the extra cash on a couple outfits at Kyte Baby for each one of my children. I am in awe of the material and the way my babies seem in their clothing. Despite having eczema, my daughter Violet looks happier when she is dressed in Kyte Baby pajamas. Before you make a purchase use our Kyte Baby discount code.


I can’t express how much I love Kyte Baby. Additionally, they provide excellent customer service. They’ve reacted fast to my emails, which I’ve sent them a few times. They are one of those companies that genuinely values their customers.

You can include Kyte Baby products on your registry and ask for gift cards if you’re having a baby shower soon. I hope you found this Kyte Baby review useful.



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