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Is Hair Transplant A Safe Procedure For Hair Restoration?

A Hair Transplant is a minimal invasive hair restoration technique performed to get scalp with healthy hair growth. It involves the removal of hair-bearing scalp grafts from the back or side of the head (called donor sites) and their relocation to thinning or bald sections of the scalp (called recipient sites).

“The safety of hair transplant procedures is often a debatable topic. But, the fact is it is normally regarded as a very safe and highly effective approach to combat hair loss when performed by an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon”, shares the hair transplant surgeon in Gurgaon at Skinzest. To ensure safety, it is also important to choose a CQC-regulated hair transplant clinic that would take all the necessary measures to reduce the risk associated with the surgery and facilitate highly satisfying results.   

Still, thinking of hair transplant as a completely risk-free procedure, one must note that hair transplantation is in the end a minimal operation and like all other surgeries there are some risks associated.

What are the risks and side effects of undergoing hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation surgery works out differently for every person and its outcome is never entirely predictable. Everyone varies greatly in their physical reactions to the operation and heals at their own pace, so it’s essential to understand the possible risks when deciding if a hair transplant is a right option for you.

The recovery from hair transplantation can last up to three weeks. Following the surgery, the patient can expect to experience some side effects such as:

  • Tingling
  • Crusting of skin
  • Itching and pain
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Scarring on the scalp from scalp-reduction procedures: This includes wide scars that sometimes are known as “stretch-back” scars caused by tension.
  • Bruises around the eyes
  • Shock loss- wherein all the transplanted hair falls and grows back.

There is also a possible risk of inflammation and infection of the affected hair follicles (medically termed folliculitis). Infection is mostly caused by a prevailing underlying medical risk factor or poor hygiene rather than the surgery itself. Sometimes, the transplanted hair grafts won’t “take”. Although it is considered normal for the hair to fall out within the plugs before regrowth takes place in a new location, in a few cases, the skin plugs may die and the operation must be repeated. For some patients having plug grafts, small bumps can be formed on the scalp at the hair transplant sites which usually can remain hidden with surrounding existing hair. In other cases, additional surgeries may be required when hair loss progresses even after hair transplantation, and an unnatural, “patchy” appearance may result especially if the transplanted hair lies next to the patches of hair that continue to thin out.

Hence, the best hair transplant surgeon in Gurgaon at Skinzest recommends patients to get surgery from an expert surgeon for safe and best outcomes with minimal occurrence of side effects.

Which hair transplantation method is safest?

Hair transplantation can be carried out in two ways. The traditional approach is a Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). It involves the removal of strips of hair-bearing skin from the donor site, extraction of the individual hair follicles, and transplantation of hair follicles onto the thinning or balding areas of the scalp. As this method is a complex surgery, it does pose some risks.

In contrast, the newer/ advanced approach called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is minimally-invasive and presents fewer risks. This safer alternative method involves the one-by-one collection of the hair follicles directly from the donor site and then their placement onto the balding or thinning scalp regions. Many hair transplant clinics exclusively focus on this technique to increase success rates, and at Skin Zest, best hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon both the procedures are performed by the expert hair transplant surgeon using the standard protocols for best outcomes.

Can I go ahead with hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation, particularly the FUE hair transplant technique, is very safe. However, it is essential to understand that every medical intervention carries risks. If one is feeling unsure, there are other alternatives to hair transplant surgery that one can consider including topical treatments, medications and treatments like PRP and mesotherapy in Gurgaon offered at Skinzest. Surgery is usually the last resort for people who are suffering from significant hair loss but have sufficient healthy, thick donor hair to transplant.

Still not sure what hair restoration solution to choose? Get the hair transplant in Gurgaon at Skinzest. The hair loss experts at Skinzest will help out in finding out appropriate treatment solutions based on an individual requirement.



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