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Is Europe Education Any Good?

Traditionally, scholars generally started their studies in Europe at the age of about 18, having completed primary and secondary education. To be admitted to advanced education institutions, or tertiary education or post-secondary education as this is also known, scholars had to pass examinations. 

The examinations themselves as well as the admission procedure differed – and to a certain extent still do differ – from country to country.

The system of advanced education itself also differed in each country, with the position, lengths of courses, types of courses, academic titles, etc. varying according to literal traditions.

 The Bologna Process

The so-called Bologna Process was introduced to harmonize advanced education in Europe. 

  • The process was named after the University of Bologna in Italy, where the Bologna protestation was inked by education ministers from 29 European countries in 1999.
  • The Bologna Process provides a three-position system of advanced education in utmost European countries
  • The first (smallest) position is a bachelorette’s degree, generally lasting three to four times.
  • The alternate position is a master’s degree, generally lasting one to two times.
  • The final position is a doctorate (Ph.D.) which is generally relatively specialized and may last between two and five years. The advantages of this system are that it’s now easier to use qualifications from one European country to apply for a job or a course in another.

Increased comity between education systems makes it easier for scholars and job applicants to move within Europe. At the same time, the Bologna reforms help to make European universities and associations more competitive and appealing to the rest of the world.

ECTS System

The system also recognizes a grading system called the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System or ECTS. One academic time corresponds to 60 ECTS credits that are typically original to 1500 – 1800 hours of total workload enabling the transfer and progression throughout the European Union.

Lifelong Literacy

It has been recognized that literacy shouldn’t only concern youthful people in educational institutions but is a commodity that can affect everyone, at all stages in life and not only at the traditional educational institutions.

In European Higher Education, supported by the European Union, this means that not only youthful people who passed university entrance examinations now study at advanced education institutions. There’s a trend towards more mature scholars studying, part-time courses, scholars studying at universities without the traditional examination conditions and a variety of tutoring styles.

FAQ’s about European education

What are the 3 situations of education?

Education in the United States follows a pattern analogous to that in multiple systems. Beforehand childhood education is followed by the primary academy ( called abecedarian academy in the United States), middle academy, secondary academy ( called high academy in the United States), and also postsecondary (tertiary) education.

What’s K 12 education called?

What word generically refers to the training associated with K-12?. In the USA it’s’ Mandatory education although Kindergarten isn’t actually compulsory and upper age/ grade differs by state. Or” Public education” ( noting that this isn’t the same as UK operation). Or’ introductory education’. Or’ education’Orpre-college

What are the 4 stages of the high academy?

The four” times” of High School are called Beginner, Sophomore, Junior, Senior.

What’s the K2 grade position?

About Focus on K2 (Kindergarten)

Kindergarten scholars learn through our Focus on K2 class. In BPS, we use the term K2 rather than kindergarten, relating to our five-time-old scholars.



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