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How to Write Reflection Essay?

In essence, writing the reflection essay is an excellent way to improve your thinking abilities. It is important to know what you need to think about prior to starting the essay. Otherwise, you’ll lose track of your thoughts, or more importantly, you won’t be able write something that makes sense. Be aware it is a reflective essay much like a journal in which you write down your thoughts or what you are feeling about specific issue. It could be a film, publication, an incident, or anything else.

Things You Should Think Before Writing Reflection Essay

Before you begin your reflection, you should ask yourself a few questions like what do I think about this subject? How will it impact me, if even affect me? If it doesn’t then why is that? It is important to note that the answers are all personal to you. This is because a reflective essay requires you to share your ideas. Understanding the responses to these questions will allow you to begin reflective essay writing services. Do not limit yourself only to the three questions listed above. You can explore more that will require you to express your opinions. Don’t be afraid to leave out the facts first. Make sure you are focused on your ideas.

Start Implementing

After you have answered the questions above, write down your responses. Then, you can summarize them into one sentence. This is your primary driving idea, or your central thesis that will guide you through the remainder of your essay. When you have the thesis writing, list your arguments or ideas to help to support the thesis statement. It is possible to elaborate or write about every supporting idea in the form of a paragraph. Each paragraph is then the main body of the essay. Be sure to include information within these body paragraphs like what you’ve observed, to ensure your assertions are substantiated. A sufficient reference to the facts is a great way to support your thoughts.

Once you’ve finished creating the paragraphs that comprise your reflective essay. Re-visit your own personal questions. However, this time consider yourself as if want to confirm the content of your essay Do I feel this is how I feel about this issue? Do you think this is how it impact me, if it did in any way? If it did not affect me what was the reason? This is about making sure you are honest in the reflection essay you write. You must only give your honest reflections. Otherwise, writing down things that are not what you really thought was the case defeats the reason to reflect on the subject. Additionally, note how and why you came to your conclusions. Keep it consistent and try to avoid one concept in one sentence conflicting with a different idea in another paragraph.


In your essay’s conclusion you should briefly summarize your main idea or your thesis. You could conclude by asking what other people might have viewed the same subject. You could also conclude with a challenge for your readers, like asking them to think about the same subject and to ask the similar questions. What is crucial to remember is that the reflection essay is typically an opinion piece on the subject matter that could or might not impact your life and those around you.



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