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How to get Cloudflare status and troubleshoot for error 521? 

When a web browser displays the message “Error 521: Web server is down,” it means the website is unavailable due to a server-side problem. It’s a common problem that affects Cloudflare-enabled websites. When the origin server refuses Cloudflare’s connection request, this error happens which does not show any Cloudflare status to the user. 

Well, the limitation is quite irritating, but getting the fix is not tedious. Read the post and go through what causes error 521 as well as how to solve it.

Here you will learn how to troubleshoot similar problems so you don’t get any more Cloudflare errors on your site.

Make sure you have access to the origin web server before you begin. You won’t be able to follow the troubleshooting procedures if you don’t have this.

Reason for Cloudflare Status

In general, this indicates that the web browser was able to establish a connection with Cloudflare. Cloudflare, on the other hand, was unable to connect to the webserver.

Cloudflare attempted to connect to the website’s server on port 80 or 443 but received a connection rejected message. The following are the two most important reasons or causes:

For starters, the webserver could be unavailable for any reason. If the website’s server is unavailable, Cloudflare will be unable to connect to it and, as a result, will not be able to display the website when a visitor sees it.

Second, while the webserver may be operational, it is banning Cloudflare IPs. Any server-side security techniques may unintentionally block Cloudflare’s IP. 

How to Fix Cloudflare Status and WordPress Error 521?

Let’s look at how to fix Cloudfare Error 521. 

Step 1: 

Verify that the Origin Server is up and running.

Before you proceed any further, double-check that your WordPress site’s server is up and running. If it isn’t, there’s no need in going through the rest of the troubleshooting steps.

You can use the cURL command to verify this. You can run this from Terminal if you’re on a Mac or Linux.

While cURL is not installed by default on Windows, you can utilize KeyCDN’s online HTTP Header Check tool to check your HTTP headers.

All you have to do is type, where is the IP address.

If you host with Kinsta, your server IP address may be found under the Sites page. You may also get it from the A record for your domain in the Cloudflare web dashboard’s DNS section.

You should get an HTTP 200 response if your server is up and running. Alternatively, if you host with Kinsta, you’ll receive 404 Not Found, which indicates that the webserver is operational (there’s just no website connected with that IP address):

If you’re having trouble with your server and aren’t sure what’s wrong, contact your host’s assistant. 

Step 2: 

In your server’s firewall, whitelist all Cloudflare IP ranges. If your WordPress site’s server is up and running but you still get Cloudfare Error 521 while trying to access it, the next step is to whitelist all of Cloudflare’s IP ranges to ensure that your server isn’t blocking them.

Make sure these IP addresses aren’t being blocked in.htaccess, iptables, or your firewall. You should also double-check that your hosting provider isn’t restricting or banning IP requests from Cloudflare’s IP addresses.

If you’re not sure how to do this, contact your host’s customer service. 

Step 3: Think about topics that are more specific to you

Finally, depending on your server’s configuration, below are some more precise technical actions you can take to fix Cloudfare error 521 and get Cloudfare status. 


Final Word

If you are still getting the Cloudfare error 521 after making the changes, please contact the online support team using the chat or call support. This will bring you the quickest and trusted resolution provided by the professional. Ultimately, you will be able to get Cloudfare status. 

Lisha Perry
Hello there, everyone. A customer support representative,Lisha, is available to help clients who are experiencing Cloudflare issue 521 and many ask what is error 521. WordPress users in general are alarmed. Error 521 happens when the server you're attempting to visit is inaccessible or your broadband connection is down.


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