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How can you use Netflix party for iPad?

There are so many OTT platforms that are there available for the users; they can watch anything they wish to stream through these apps. Out of all these, the best popularity is of Netflix and also Netflix party extension. The things related to Netflix are all very easy for the users to understand but the use of Netflix party extension for the iPad as well as on other devices is something with which the users are often not able to deal.

So, here in the guide as per the demand of the topic, we will help users in understanding Netflix party for iPad. There are technicalities that the users do need to understand for further efficient use of the application on the iPad.

Is Netflix party extension compatible with iPad?

Well, to just put this answer in simple words we can say that yes the extension is useful for you but only on desktop, laptop or Macs.  When it comes to the iPad that is where things may go out of favor for you. The extension is not compatible to be used on an iPad.

Can I still somehow use the extension on my iPad?

Yes, you can do it, through a third-party app that is known as Rave, this app is available free of cost you can download it from the app store very easily.

How to start using Rave for the watch party?

Given below are the steps you should follow-

  • From the app store complete downloading of the app
  • After this login with the credentials of your account
  • Then in the Rave feed, you will need to click on the + icon given at the bottom right corner
  • After this, you will see so many options to choose from on the display
  • On the display click on “Netflix “
  • After this link your Netflix account to the app
  • Then enter login details to open your Netflix application
  • As the next step choose a movie or an episode from the web show to stream
  • After you see that the video is started you should choose friends from the privacy section
  • Once, done you should next start inviting your friends to the watch party

Other than this Rave app also there are many other alternatives you can easily host a Netflix watch party. Further here in the guide we will also discuss those available alternatives.

The list of those alternatives goes as follows-

  • Zoom- Well, yes it is through this popular app that you can use its share screen feature, and through that, you can stream your movie or any web show with the company of your choice.
  • Messenger– This is another good safe, secure, and also private option to consider if you wish to watch Netflix with friends. Directly through the messenger, you can share your screen with 8 people in total however if you make a messenger room then, there you can accommodate 50 people.

So, this is how you can enjoy a Netflix party with your friends. Even if you are using an iPad, though there is no direct way for it. Still, through these hacks, there are people who tend to enjoy watching their favorite Netflix content with their favorite people.  It is just that the users need to follow the right guidance for it in the right manner.


If you still need to know more related to the Netflix party extension for the iPad, then for that you should get in touch with the team of experts, you can go to them as per your own comfort. They are available at your service all the time with the right knowledge and skill.




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