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How African Foods Can Help You Improve Your Health

We always try to indulge in the original food in every country; then are some of the stylish West African dishes you need to try that go way beyond just rice and sauce.


This button-down Senegalese dish is made from rice, fish, and tomato sauce. Other constituents frequently include onions, cabbage, carrots, cassava, and peanut canvas. It’s a one-pot dish into which you can throw any vegetables you have to hand. Filling and delicious, this dish is generally featured on every day-to-day menu because it’s always a good option.

Red Red

A thick stew made of mashed black-eyed peas (although any other sap will do) It’s cooked in red win canvas and pepper. Utmost fashions will include a little tomato paste, chili, fresh garlic, gusto, and spices to add flavor.

 It doesn’t look certifiably charming, but it tastes great. This is one of the popular West African dishes from Ghana and it’s frequently served with fried plantain. It’s delicious – particularly the bits that cook a little too long on the bottom of the pot.


One of the public dishes of Cameroon, ndole is a beautiful mix of bitter flake verdure, spices, a lot of canvas, and protein through groundnuts, as well as the voluntary addition of meat or fish. A rich and calorie-thick dish, it’s always planted at parties and fests in Cameroon.


There are ( occasionally heated) debates about the origins of Jollof, but it’s generally known as a Nigerian creation, with variations around Western Africa. To say it’s a simple tomato rice dish is to undersell this delectable one-pot wonder.


Fufu is a food made from fresh or fermented cassava, a chief in the region. The cassava is pounded into flour, also mixed with water, and cooked overheat into a paste of varying textures depending on the mess you’re serving it with or your preference.


Boerewors refers to a South African link that’s popular in the cookeries of countries in southern Africa like Namibia and Zimbabwe. Boer means “ planter” and wors means “ link” in Afrikaans, so boerwors literally means “ planter’s link”. Boerewors is made with coarsely diced beef and a host of different spices like coriander seed, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, and black pepper. The beef can be mixed with diced pork and/ or angel but authentic boerewors must always contain beef.

According to South Africa’s controllers, boerewors must be made with 90 meat and 10 spices, and other constituents. The meta element can be made with outside of 30 fat and mustn’t contain any waste or mechanically separated meat.


Skewers of spiced cuts of meat similar to beef, mutton, or funk are grilled over a watercolor fire or BBQ. Frequently served with gobbets of raw onions, blue sauce for dipping, and spare seasoning, this dish is stylishly enjoyed in an original café alongside a cold beer.

Groundnut stew (Maafe)

This iconic West African dish can be planted in numerous countries in the region. Generally made with funk, scotch bonnet peppers, and either groundnut or peanut incense, it’s a stew that’s satisfying because of the combination of sweet, savory, and blue flavors. In the offshore regions of Senegal, fish is eaten with Maafe and traditionally served with white rice, couscous, or fufu.

Egusi Soup

Variations of this dainty fog can be planted each over West Africa, but it’s astronomically popular in Nigeria. What makes it unique is the use of protein-and fat-rich melon seeds (egusi) from specific shops, which are also dried and based up and used as a thickener.



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