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Harmful Effects of Violence in Video Games for Students in College

Video games involve an amazing hobby for recreation. The addition of video games is causing several issues. There are negative effects in a video games.

It consists of the influence of the mind. There are relationships of the body along with performance in a job.  The student can keep the video games in mind.

They cannot be regarded as evil. The majority of the negative influence in video games comes from overuse along with addiction. 

Negative Effect of Video Games on Students

There is the negative influence of video games and they are as follows:

  1. Addiction of dopamine
  2. Decline of motivation
  3. Suppression of emotion and alexithymia 
  4. Risk in health and repetitive stress injury

Addiction to Dopamine

As the person is using video games, the brain is releasing dopamine constantly. The brain becomes habituated with the regular supply of dopamine. The nucleus accumbens needs a lot of dopamine for enjoying the game.

This resists the person from enjoying something else. The activity could not be stimulating like the video game. When a person is not playing the games, the mind will attract various forms of stimulation.

They will browse the channels of YouTube. The student can browse social networking sites. There are ordinary activities that are not appealing.

The student does not find any inspiration as there is no excitement. This is the top level of addiction in dopamine. They develop the habit of gaming.

The student becomes uncontrolled. This is a true opportunity.

Decline of Motivation

Other than the nucleus accumbens, the student cannot develop the circuit of victory in the brain. This does not localize in a particular area of the brain. Mankind finds this pattern in the field of cognition and psychology.

The student can understand the harmful effects of video games from psychology Assignment Help Malaysia.  There is a triumph circuit that creates a feel-good factor. The team can overcome the challenging situation.

 In the field of evolutionary biology, the writer can share a story related to adventure in a new place. The student might be looking for some important features. This might overcome the problem.

The student can go to society again. This has led to the emergence of social psychology. Human beings give importance to people as they deal with all kinds of obstacles.

Video games control the circuit completely. The games offer an innovative method of providing rewards related to the mind. They are looking for a profit in the world of reality.

The demand for video games had shown similarity. This can be compared with the demand in life. An individual needs adventure and excitement. It is important to have victories and friendships.

The games are the perfect way to share a small effort. Finally, the capacity of a person involves the triumph circuit controlling the time for involvement with the video games.

Suppression of emotion and alexithymia 

The student can face anxiety and fear. They can tackle negative emotions and shame, There is an active region known as the amygdala.

The amygdala involves a portion of the brain. This controls emotions of a negative type. This is vital for the learning circuitry because this develops the connections towards the hippocampus.

The hippocampus has been regarded as the region of learning in the brain. fMRI studies are indicating that for those who begin playing video games, there is an active region in the amygdala. The person becomes calm.

There are two effects and they are as follows: When the negative emotions are suppressed constantly, this could create a condition known as Alexithymia. When the person is in an alexithymic state, this indicates that they are going to face problems.

 This problem is associated with the state of internal emotion. Those who are alexithymic, face difficulty in finding their present emotions. However, this does not influence emotions.

 The behavior shows no signs of change. Amygdala represents that part of the brain where learning is controlled. The experience is quite painful.

This becomes part of the memory and the team can gain experience from those issues. The students can get assistance in writing on video games from sociology Homework Help Canada. The memory retains the experiences.

These memories are really painful. They become part of the memory. Finally, people face the problem to quit video games.

The reason is that the amygdala never smoothly develops connections with the hippocampus. The students never gain experience from previous experience. These experiences might be poor performance at the workplace or school.

There is sabotage in the circuitry of learning. 

Risk in Health and Repetitive Stress Injury

Repetitive Stress Injuries have been quite common for gamers. Gaming creates a lot of strain for those who are playing games. They are performing repetitive motions using their wrists and hands.

The players are engaged for several hours. These motions could create injury along with inflammation. The gamer’s thumb indicates a state known as de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis.

This is a state where tendons for moving the thumb turn out to be inflamed. The player feels pain in the thumb and there is hardly any movement. The trigger finger has been named stenosing tenosynovitis.

It is a state where the finger becomes stiff in a curved position. This might become straight or curved using the snap. It is equivalent to a trigger that is released or pulled. 




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