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The #1 prejudice most students have against good hooks for essays: it’s time-consuming, difficult, and bo-o-oring.


Whenever your teacher asks you to write good hooks for essays, they don’t want to limit your creativity and thinking horizons. An essay shouldn’t be too formal or boring. In fact, it should make readers want to check its every word. Your only task is grabbing and maintaining their attention throughout your writing.

Good hooks for essays can be considered that particular instrument that you need to meet this challenge.

What is an Essay Hook?

“It very well may be characterized as those a couple of starting sentences of your paper.” They serve to grab readers’ attention. Additionally, help them take an immediate decision if they want to continue reading your text.

We call it a “hook” because it reminds us of the story of a shiny tool that fishermen use to lure a fish. And, they will use different hooks depending on the fish they want to catch.

Please just don’t confuse good hooks for essays with overviews or introductions! Rather than substitute it, an essay hook opens your introduction. Once you’ve hooked readers properly, ensure to introduce your essay topic and thesis.

  • A hook. A strong opening sentence for capturing readers’ attention.
  • A topic. Telling readers about the main focus of your essay.
  • A thesis. State what’s your opinion on the topic.

College papers and essays are not alone in hooks. Copy, blogs, fiction, screen, and other writers use this instrument to gain interest and influence our decisions.

Especially if you are still doing thesis clarification, good hooks for essays can be difficult to generate. 

The answers to these questions would be the first step toward writing an eye-catching opening for your essay:

  • What is the form of your essay?
  • What style and tone of writing do you often use?
  • Who is your potential target audience?
  • What text structure do you need to follow in it?

A PRO TIP: After you’ve finished the whole essay, write a hook and introduction. It will not only help to clarify a thesis. But to also understand what type of hooks would suit your writing better.

Good Hooks For Essays Ideas

So, what types of opening lines will suit well as good hooks for essays?

1) Literary Quotes

These types of good hooks for essays are about literature phenomena, writers, books, etc. 

You can also start your essay with a quote from the books you often review. It will help you establish your authority as a writer with the readers.

2) Quotes From Famous People

Start it with a quote from famous people to support your argument and create lip-smacking hooks for essays. But also ensure that it’s relevant to your topic and thesis.


That’s all well and fine but…

Some teachers say that these types of good hooks for essays are overused and too general. They discourage college papers to be started or finished with words of influencers, and not students themselves. So, find a rare yet relevant quote if you decide to use such hooks for essays. Don’t copy-paste the first available saying from top quotations available on search results.

3) Common Misconception

You may even start your intro with a statement about a commonly accepted fact that is false. That will make your audience intrigued and encourage them to keep on reading the stuff.

4) Anecdotes

It can be explained as a little story that’s designed to illustrate a point that you are trying to make.

If you write narrative or descriptive essays, these hooks for essays are appropriate to use. Don’t be afraid of writing sarcastic openings. But it doesn’t mean your essay has to be necessarily humorous. A little humour helps to spark their interest in the topic and grab readers’ attention.

Your anecdote should be to the point and short. Make sure it is relevant to the main idea of your essay.


Remember that most essay assignments would not allow you to write in 1st person. Additionally, make sure to check the requirements while using “I” in your writing.

5) Personal Stories

Although you would hardly use it for too formal persuasive or argumentative papers. These good hooks for essays are perfect for personal narratives or college application essays. You must ask your professor if you can use your personal pronouns in the writing, and hooks for essays readers. It could a story that not necessarily should be yours.

You can tell the story of your friend, family, relative, known or president. Why not, after all?


“I was thinking about writing my essay and came up with this.” But please, don’t start your essay at all with a hook-like this.

Teachers will hate it! Sure, these hooks for essays look better than being no hook at all. But they will never distinguish your work from the masses.

6) Statistics

Use statistical data that your readers might not have known to hook them with new facts. Don’t forget to include the source.


  • According to Psychology Today magazine. “People usually lie in approx one out of five conversations that last more than ten minutes”

To find data on your topic, do all the necessary research. Refer to sources your teacher considers usable and reliable.

7) Questions

These types of hooks for essays will definitely help you create a reader’s personal interest in your writing. They’ll wish to continue reading it. But make sure that your question isn’t too general.

Let’s say you are writing an essay about smartphones. “Do you use a smartphone?” You shouldn’t ask such a generic question as it hardly grabs readers’ eyes. That’s because it doesn’t engage them in critical thinking.

So, you must try to avoid questions while expecting simply a Yes or No answer.


For good hooks for essays, Rhetorical questions could be considered a good idea.

As the quotes from famous people or websites are easy to create and, therefore, they’re too overused. You’ll need to scratch your brain up to impress a reader and make sure that the question catchy is catchy.

To sum it up

Essays could be too many in nature. Whether persuasive, narrative, argumentative, or descriptive. But they all need hooks for essays, aka grabbers to attract readers and traffic to your writing. These grabbers are many in nature, either. Consider the type of your essay, its audience, and its needs to choose the best one for your paper.

And remember:

Good hooks for essays alone can’t guarantee A+ grades for your writing assignments. No matter how strong they are. State a thesis, and do all the necessary research on the topic. Structure your essay with our help before choosing a hook for it. Opening lines lead the way for your papers and make them worth reading for the readers.

san wilson
san wilson
Hi I am San Wilson and I am a content writer with 5 years of writing experience. I am passionate about writing and I have excellence in writing educational content. I used to write content for various online and offline platforms. My specialty is essay and thesis writing.


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