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Funny Pecha Kucha Ideas: Ways to Make Your Presentation Interesting

Amazing Funny Pecha Kucha Ideas For All

Why do people want funny pecha kucha ideas? Why not give them something meaningful? Best Pecha Kucha examples aren’t PowerPoint slideshows. Pecha Kucha doesn’t require PowerPoint. If you have 20 slides, you can use PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, Google Slides, a PDF, or a photo-advancing application. Remember that each slide has 20 seconds to show.

The presenter must speak while slides change. In this blob, we’ll examine some amusing pecha kucha ideas.

7 Most Amazing Funny Pecha Kucha Ideas for your presentations:

Let’s find out some amazing funny ideas that you can easily use in your presentation. 

1. Share Travel Experiences

Best pecha kucha example: How you overcame travel concerns. Something unexpected happen? Did you meet a friend halfway around the world? Any travel experience will be interesting with beautiful images. You only have 20 seconds each slide, so be brief. Audiences want the big picture, not every detail.

2. Talk Food

Food is one of the best funny pecha kucha ideas, even more than travel. Why? Instead of travelling the world, food brings it to you.

If you love to cook, share your favourites with images. Want whole recipes? There may not be enough time to offer whole recipes, unless you use all 20 slides for just one. Then discuss ingredients, preparation, cooking, and eating.

3. Emotions, and Controlling Them

Does any emotion worry you? How do you handle it? Feelings? These include fear, jealousy, rage, greed, and other emotions. Caring, happiness, laughing, love (including parenting), and more are pleasant feelings. Positive emotions demand less control.

4. Looking at the Future

Let your creativity go wild with this interesting topic. It’s a great pecha kucha presentation. How will 40-year-old air travel work? How will kitchen devices change in 100 years?

How will electricity, phones, makeup, books, or security evolve in ten, twenty, or thirty years? You’re only restricted by your imagination with this topic, and audiences want to explore the future with you.

5. Explore Satire

Not everyone likes this. If you love satire, it can be a wonderful Pecha Kucha topic. Identify it as a top pecha kucha idea. You use satire straight away so your viewers can enjoy your content.

Balance your material by poking fun at yourself instead of others. Don’t be nasty or sarcastic. Use simple satire. What can 20 seconds accomplish?

6. Create a Picture Show About Your Hobby

Stamps or fruit boxes? Like embroidery or video games? Astrology or shopping? More people will be interested in your hobby if it’s unusual. You can discuss how you got started, why you continued, and why you want to continue.

Share a funny anecdote about your activity and whether your family likes it or not.

7. Talk about Pets

Everyone adores animals, and pet owners are often interested in learning more about the animals owned by others. Those who do not have pets themselves are curious as to what it is about you and your animal companion that inspires such fervent devotion. In either case, this is a very popular topic because it is simple to share short, simple experiences with your dogs in a few words that may be included inside a single slide; alternatively, you can share lengthier events across multiple slides.

Summing Up:

We talked about some of the best funny pecha kucha ideas in this blog. I hope this helps you give the best presentation you can. If you want to hire someone to write content for you, you can get in touch with us. We have a team of Writers who are experts in their own writing styles. They will write content based on what you need and want.

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san wilson
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