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Explore Chicago with two days of vacation

Planning a vacation in the city of Illinois is always a great pleasure & offers some amazing moments. Now, how to see the best of Chicago in two days? It seems to challenge things, but here you’ll learn some easy ways to do it.
It’s the largest American city & quite famous for the bold architecture, unique environment&, etc. This city always keeps you engaged with multiple & interesting activities. However, several facts are quite worth knowing, like it’s the birthplace of modern architecture & more.
You will never forget the things that you saw, enjoy & becoming an integral part of an awesome trip.
Easy to enjoy a short trip:

River & architecture:

You can probably start the first day by exploring the city’s beautiful river and magnificent architecture. Numerous tall structures carry an alluring presence. Commuters can hire a professional guide to learn more about these things & enjoy them. 

However, you can try to start from the Navy pier & Michigan Avenue. On the other hand, the people can go for walking, kayaking, bus & river cruise. However, it’s even better to go ahead on a river cruise tour & watching the beauty of the overall city live. 

    2. Skyscrapers:

The next thing is visiting the Skyscrapers, which are the tallest & most amazing buildings. Irrespective of a mini trip in normal ways also not it’s advised to head to these locations. However, this can probably be the answer to see the best of Chicago in two days. 

Perhaps, there are two iconic skyscrapers as John Hancock building & Wills tower. There is an observation deck and interactive experiences for the people who come & enjoy. On the other hand, these are quite more interesting ways to spend the days. 

But, it’s not limited till here; several other things are waiting for you. 

    3. 360degree & Chicago TILT:

There could be nothing better than making your short trip more awesome. It is located on the 94th floor of the John Hancock building & offers breathtaking bird eye views. There are activities like interactive learning opportunities, gift shops, cafes & more. 

On the other hand, Chicago TLT refers to stepping into a moving platform that slowly tilts the people. At the same time, you hold the metal bars, and the platform outwards in three increments for a better experience. However, you need to pay a small additional price to get this experience. 

     4. Grant park:

This place is also identified as the city’s front yard & comprises a massive public park on the waterfront. Multiple small parks offer fabulous activities. While flying from Spain, contact Copa Airlines Telefono Mexico to know the trip-related details in Spanish. 

On the other, it’s the best location to click several photographs & try to improve your skills. You will be amazed by the overall vibes, which somehow influence you while moving here. The entry is free & so as the other activities that keep you engaged for a long. 

     5. Millennium park:

While arriving at this incredible spot & the unusual activities include taking pictures of the cloud gate. Although, cloud gate proves to be a famous attraction with its kidney bean shape. There are various other things like a crown fountain Lurie garden followed by many more.

It’s an impactful place where you can take several amazing pictures & especially of the reflective surface. There isn’t any problem due to the crowd as the whole area is big. People can easily move around at their convenience with their families & children. 

You will get this kind of marvelous trip experience anywhere else. 

   6. Crown fountain:

The next stop that tells about how to see the best of Chicago in two days? Can be nothing better than visiting a crown fountain. However, two massive LED screens somehow light up & show the face of residents.

Every five minutes, the mouth of the face opens up & spills the water. It’s quite amazing to see these things. It’s a fantastic spot for the kids to get cool in hot summers. It can be easily viewed from a long distance. 

The overall surroundings are amazing & covered with plants, followed by the people taking the pictures. 

  7. Maggie Daley park:

There is mini golf, five playgrounds, and climbing walls, followed by many other things for the different age groups. Moreover, there are large tube slides for the kids along with swings & fountains. It offers a delightful aura for all the children coming to the city to enjoy a great holiday. 

You can enjoy some snacks like ice cream & other things that refresh the whole mood. On the other hand, people can spend about 1-2 hrs while being with the kids & others. You will never forget these memorable moments with your family & friends to enjoy. 

   8. Art institute:

There is a hun of attractions & the perfect place that can be the answer to how to see the best of Chicago in two days. It is an amazing art institute full of the majority of artifacts & unique designs. People from the different parts of the world can visit here & try to explore various areas. 

While getting inside, there are pictures from the past period & other things with their exceptional contributions. You will learn about various facts that can blow up your mind. Some people may feel bored, but try to understand the importance of these things. 

   9. Buckingham fountain:

Welcome to the oldest landmark of the entire city, which you cannot forget easily. It was built in 1927 & three level rococo fountain is a must-see attraction. The visitors should come here in the evening. However, the blend of light & water makes your visit worth it. 

Come here, spend some time with the family & try to relax by forgetting all the stressful things. Watching the water flow & lights with different colors offers great views that are impossible in your regular life. In fact, the cold breeze makes your feel more awesome. 

People often search for these views wherever they go for a vacation. 

  10. Museum campus:

Another place that can be a great example of how to see the best of Chicago in two days? This innovative museum campus is located in the downtown area of the city. It’s a place that serves as home to the Field Museum of natural history. There are multiple ways to explore this entire location for visitors. 

However, visiting on a short trip means trying to spend the maximum time & know about the interesting things of the past era.



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