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Everything You Must Know About Electric Vehicle Home Car Charger

In these modern times, a vehicle plays a crucial role. A personal car helps you travel with comfort and on your own schedule. You do not need to depend on bus timings or anything else. But being a car owner isn’t cheap. You also have to bear the price for maintenance and fuel. But an electric vehicle and home car charger are relatively cheaper than those running on fuel.

Why Use A Electric Vehicle?

Nowadays, everyone prefers a car for travelling even if it is for a short distance. But people forget that they pay a huge price for their comfort. The engine, of a vehicle running on petrol, burns the fuel in order to run and the residual gases come from the exhaust emission. These gases cause serious health issues. Carbon mono oxide which is highly toxic is one of the gases that come out of the vehicle.

How Is An Electric Vehicle Better?

Apart from yourself, these fuel-running vehicles also harm the environment. We have all heard about global warming and how it is increasing every year. The emission of gases from vehicles is getting denser in the atmosphere. They create a blanket around the earth which traps the heat of the sun and does not let it escape. This lead to an increase in the temperature of the earth hence leading to global warming.

Although the production of an electric vehicle uses a lot of energy, electric vehicle are still a greener option. Because electric vehicles run on electricity instead of fuel, it reduces the emission of harmful gases. One can also use a second-hand battery, this way you can reuse and recycle the batteries. This will help reduce the lifetime environmental impact of battery manufacture.

How To Recharge Your Electric Vehicle?

Now just like any other electronic device, you need to plug in your electric vehicle and recharge it. You can find the electric vehicle charging station near you. With growing awareness, people are more inclined to purchase electric vehicles. You might have to wait in line for your turn to charge your vehicle. It will be more profitable if you purchase an electric vehicle at a home charging point with it.

Advantages Of An Electric Vehicle Home Charger

There are long queues at the charging station to charge electric vehicles. In addition to that, you won’t be able to charge your vehicle 100% and have to unplug it in half only. It is convenient to have a home charging point as it gives you sufficient time to charge your vehicle fully. There are much more advantages of having a home charging point. Let us discuss them.

Charging Station

Because of an increasing number of electric vehicle users, manufacturers are putting more and more charging stations. You can search for the nearest one in your search engine. Be it a public charging station or home, all of them are in connection to a network. Anyone can search for a nearby charging point and easily recharge their vehicle at your home. And you can earn some extra money. If you don’t feel like sharing your charging point on the network you can easily restrict it to your friends and family members.


With a home electric vehicle charging point, you do not have to rush early morning to charge your vehicle. You can do it at your home. You do have to stand in queues and recharge your electric vehicle while doing household chores, reading or relaxing.

Battery Life

An electric vehicle just like any other electronic device needs a full cycle of charging. Removing the plug while your vehicle is half charged can impact your battery life. While standing in a queue while everyone is waiting for their chance you can not charge your vehicle to the fullest. With a home charging point, there is no interruption and you can easily charge your vehicle 100% overnight.


Having a home charging point is much cheaper. First of all, you get to recharge your vehicle to 100%. It can also become a source of pacific income. In addition, if you get a solar charging station, you can save much more.

Fast Charging

You can also charge your vehicle with the normal socket at your home. But mind that these charging sockets won’t give you speed charging. Whereas with a home charging point you get to charge your vehicle to the fullest and faster.


A home electric charging point is safe and tested. There is no need to worry about overcharging. Besides you can control it remotely also.


If you bought another car and already have an electric vehicle charging point at home, need not worry. Your charging point is compatible with all-electric vehicles.

Monitoring Electric Consumption

The home electric vehicle charging point is a power saver. The device itself collects the data on electricity consumption from the charging service and sends it to you. Investing in a home electric charging point is a great idea to contribute to saving the environment and money.

Property Value

More and more people wish to purchase a home with built electric car charging points. This means if you have a home charging point it will increase the resell value of your house. This gives you an opportunity to sell your house at an increased price. Surely having a home electric vehicle charger has many benefits.

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