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Effective Ideas to Reduce Shifting Charges on Your Next Move

When you think of shifting to a new house the first thing that crosses your mind is the expense that you’ll have to bear. If you are told that you can reduce that expense to 20%- 30%, how will you feel? Thrilled? Or you may call the other person mad. There are a few tips that can help you in cutting some of the expenditure. Here is how you should do it.

Creating a strategy

Nothing fruitful can be achieved without a proper strategy. For that, you’ll have to start strategizing in advance. It will work out if you can plan your shifting at least 2 weeks before the move. Meet your moving company face-to-face and ask them about their rates and facilities. They will let you know the dates they are available and then plan your shifting around those dates.

Scheduling the time for shifting

You must know that based on the date and day of your shifting, the packing and moving charges differ. Yes, it fluctuates according to the demand. Hence, if you are planning to move your things on a weekend or month-end, you’ll be charged more comparatively.

If you schedule your moving to a weekday or mid-month you can save more than 3k on a particular service. Moreover, the efficiency of the company to provide better service also increases.

Sell or donate

One of the best ideas to reduce your shifting charges is to de-clutter the whole place. Yes, you read it right. De-cluttering will help you with three main things, that are:

  • Organize
  • Find items for selling, and
  • Find items for donating.

You must know that packers and movers charge you based on the volume of things getting shifted. The more you have, the more you’ll have to shift hence, it will cost you more to shift them. So, when you declutter your place, you can immediately remove a few things that are a waste of space. Next, you’ll find items that are of no use to you but have some value. You can sell them off and raise capital for your move.

After that, the things that cannot be sold can be donated to your nearest charity organization. You won’t benefit anything from it directly, but it will clear out space for you in a positive way. Some organization provides tax exemption receipt which can be helpful for you.

Discard those torn clothes, expired products, broken crockeries, boxes with missing lids. You may want to put it to great use later but that moment never comes so it is best to get rid of them. You can post pictures of the things you don’t want online or spread the word.

Choose the packers following your budget

While choosing a packing and moving service, you need to compare the quotes. Pick three or four companies that you find appealing. Or take the help of service comparing sites where you can ask for quotes from different companies and compare them on the spot. This way you can save up to Rs 2500. It is not a small amount when using packers and movers.

The market is swarming with different moving companies. Selecting the best professional service providers ensures whether your moving journey is going to be smooth or rough. Going after cheap packers may seem like a good idea in the beginning but later when the hidden charges are added to the final bill, it may cost way more than what you have been expecting. So, while selecting a company you need to do some thorough checking.

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Setting a budget

Home shifting can drain your savings speedily. If you are not alert things may get out of your hands. Setting a budget can solve that problem in a nick of time. Preparing a budget may seem time-consuming but it has several benefits. One of them is putting a reign on your expenditure. This will save you a lot of heartaches.

When dealing with professional packers and movers, you need to find a service charge break-up if you are looking to reduce the shifting cost. Get the quote according to the services and then decide which one will suit your budget. Try sticking to a budget that you set for the process. When you are putting the budget on paper ensure that you keep 10% extra for unexpected additional charges. This will help you prepare accordingly.

Sharing base transportation

Another way to save money during relocation is by sharing transportation. It happens often that you don’t have enough items to shift and unnecessarily you end up booking a complete vehicle for the transportation of your items. Under such circumstances, you can share the transportation with some other customer who is transferring things to the same city.

Sharing transportation can help you in so many ways.

  • Pollution control
  • Saves up to 8K on the transportation charges
  • Saving a lot of energy

Just like you share cabs, and dormitory to save time and money in the same way you can book a vehicle for household shifting. This will make things easier for you and help you save a great deal for shifting.

Claim relocation bill

There are many rules in our corporate sector that we have minimum idea about. Most of us who shift right after joining a new company, don’t have any knowledge about the reimbursement process. It is a norm in most private and government sectors, where you can claim your relocation bill. You just have to produce the bill charged by the moving company for the shifting process. The company will easily reimburse you the amount which can go up to 40 k.

For this, you can talk to your HR officers, who will give you detailed information about it. If you are not initiated about this advantage, you can always check your joining letter. A point may have been mentioned somewhere in the document. Get a signed bill from an authentic moving company and you’ll get the shifting charges back into your account. So, before you move make sure you get full details about the matter.

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