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Causes of acne scar and how to prevent them? Find details inside

Acne breakouts can be frustrating and they also leave a scar on the face or any part of the body. Acne scar generally alters the beauty of an individual. Everyone admires to stay young and any mark on the face not only just alters the beauty but also lower down one’s self-confidence. It is very necessary to carry acne scar removal so that one retains the youthful and radiant skin. Acne is the most common skin problem. Skin being the most sensitive part of our body must be pampered well. The reaction of oil else called sebum causes acne. 

It is generally observed that people, in order to get rid of acne scar, try different home remedies which in return turns out to be a disaster by leaving a permanent mark on the skin. One must not hesitate or put down plans to seek help from a dermatologist if one is suffering from acne problem. 

What causes acne scar?

Acne is usually a temporary problem but acne scar may be permanent. Acne scars are caused due to inflamed lesions such as papule or cyst. Damage is done to the dermis as skin forms new fibers. Collagen protein gives skin its strength and flexibility but this process does not look as smooth and flawless as it was before the injury. Hence an acne scar is caused on the skin which makes one look unconscious.

Acne scar treatment:

Acne scar removal must be carried by certain dermatologist treatments rather than home remedies as consultation by them will heal the skin. In Delhi, there are many dermatologists who offer acne scar removal treatment. Dr. Nivedita Dadu carries the Best Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi. The treatments offered by her include dermaroller, Fractional CO2 laser, Microneedling radio frequency, Tixel, Erbium fibre laser. 

Dermaroller: it is a handheld device with microneedles. In this procedure, the needles of dermaroller create pores in the dermis. This treatment is carried at regular interval. 

Fractional CO2 Laser: This is the advanced non-surgical method of removing deeper scars with the help of a laser. This treatment is performed under the presence of a dermatologist. 

Micro-needling Radio frequency: This method is used to treat acne scars by the rapid penetration of insulated microneedles. This treatment does not cause any extensive damage to the epidermis. 

Tixel: This is a new non-laser fractional system of skin resurfacing. This method is generally based on thermomechanical ablation technology. 

Erbium Fibre laser: This is a very frequent method by which the acne scar is removed with the help of an advanced scanner. 

These treatments must be carried under the supervision of a dermatologist. 

Dr. Nivedita Dadu is a Best Dermatologist in Delhi For Skin who carries the best acne scar removal treatment. She offers all the above-advanced technologies by which one can regain the shiny skin. Often it is observed that people apply different products on their face which not only worsen the condition of acne but also leaves a mark on the skin. 

Many people are unaware of the treatments which are offered by a dermatologist just to make us free from scars. There are a lot of queries about the acne scar removal cost in Delhi. The cost of this treatment varies according to scar and the depth of the scar. One must seek the help of dermatologist if any skin or hair related problem arises. 



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