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Beauty tips to achieve perfect eyes and looks

Your allies are important to keep your eyes as fresh and healthy as possible. Did you know that the skin surrounding the eyes is the most exposed and thinnest part of our body?

This is because the dermis surrounding our eyes has sebaceous glands, making it more fragile and causing bags, dark circles, and expression lines that age and sadden our eyes. We should add eye care to our beauty routine.

Daily intake of two liters of water

It’s a great way to keep your ears open and listen because proper hydration is essential in every way. It stimulates microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, which helps to avoid dark circles due to bluish pigmentation.

You can make iced tea from plain water if you have trouble drinking it.

Eight hours sleep per day

One of the most important beauty secrets is to sleep at least 8 hours per night. To promote blood circulation, try to sleep on your stomach

Forget about alcohol and tobacco.

They are the biggest enemy to fresh, young eyes. They retain fluid, make your skin look duller, puffy, and increase your risk of developing bags. You will notice a reduction in your alcohol consumption within a few weeks.

Chamomile is a miracle!

This is the ultimate homemade trick to beautify your eyes. Place a few cotton pads that have been soaked in warm chamomile oil over your eyes every night before you go to bed. Its anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties will help to eliminate unsightly bags in the lower half of your eyes.

Cosmetics for the eyes contour

It is important to apply a cream or gel daily for the eye contour. Look for ones that promote decongestion. These creams and gels should contain green tea, aloe, or vitamins A, C. You can apply them every day by tapping your fingertips. This will encourage the cream to penetrate the skin and increase microcirculation.

The concealer for the dark circles

Dark circles can sometimes be difficult to avoid, especially if we’ve had a bad night or abused alcohol. The concealer for the dark circle is an ideal solution in emergencies to hide those dark shadows that show our tiredness.

If your skin is pale or yellowish, you can use a concealer to cover redness, capillaries, or small spots. Pink will give the most tired of faces that little bit of light.

Remember! Extreme protection is required because the delicate skin around your eyes requires it to be protected. Apply high-SPF sunscreen to the affected area to prevent wrinkles and premature spots.

For irritated eyes

Sometimes, our eyes can become red, irritated, or painful. For this purpose, you can grate a potato skinless and press it between two gauze pads, or two handkerchiefs to make a compress. It can be applied to the eyes for up to half an hour.

It will be almost miraculous how quickly the swelling and pain disappear.

For tired eyes

To combat eye irritation and fatigue, boil some water. At the end of boiling the water, add a tablespoon of salt. Allow it to cool, then apply the solution to your eyelids using cotton that has been generously soaked in it.

Eliminate any signs of fatigue from your eyes

An exhausting day? Bad night? You look tired and you want to be radiant. There is an easy and inexpensive way to get a brighter, more youthful look.

You will need to apply your eye contour. Once it has cooled, you can spread it using your fingertips. Next, apply your usual make-up, using a highlighter to lighten the skin. Blend well. As promised, you’ll be able to get your look back.

Against puffy eyes

You can prevent your eyes from swelling by getting enough sleep, sleeping in the right hours, and working in good lighting. Natural light is better than artificial. 

To have active eyes

You can look refreshed and rejuvenated after a long day. To give your eyes more life, you can use a good eye drop.



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