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Adventure Is So Famous, But Why?

Host Kit Parks curate’s exceptional multi-day adventure travel holidays from around the world that any reasonably fit person can do. 

Examples include hiking Machu Picchu or the Mont Blanc Circuit, trekking Nepal, whitewater rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, or cycling the stiletto heel of Italy. 

You’ll learn what you’d see and experience, what to expect, and whether you want to add this adventure to your ever-expanding travel list. 

Armchair Explorer

British Travel writer, Aaron Miller hosts this engaging show that takes you around the globe on thrilling adventures and introduces interesting cultures that you probably won’t get a chance to see for yourself.  Beautifully produced storytelling. 

You might race 2500 miles across India in a rickshaw, or join the final dance of the San Bushman before they pass on.  Exotic and engaging! 

Amateur Traveler

One of the long-standing travel podcasts is the Amateur Traveler. In fact, it has been going so long that host Chris Christensen must have completed his 10,000 hours and upgraded to the professional level years ago.

With almost 750 episodes at the time of writing, the podcast explores sights in most of the world’s nations and delves deeper into some of the activities therein, from exploring the temples of Bangkok to a ten-day hike along the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall in the UK.

This is a great podcast for those in search of new ideas for their next trip.

Zero to Travel Podcast

Coming nearest on this rundown to being the podcast variant of a self-help book is Zero to Travel, an informative glance at how to remain going for a really long time or even a long time while making your cash last longer as well.

 As you might expect, there are interviews with those that are now experiencing this fantasy in their own specific way, for example, ex-pats showing English abroad and individuals cruising all over the planet.

These episodes are sprinkled with a practical guides for all that is travel-related, including conquering an apprehension about traveling to the best presents to purchase for the explorers in your day-to-day existence.

Culturally Ours

Karthika Gupta has a smart travel podcast that inspects the art, culture, way of life, and food of destinations all over the globe.

You may find out about the bright Holi celebration in her local India, or the act of Japanese forest bathing.

Each season brings new and intriguing parts of travel that instruct us that, in spite of our disparities and how we manifest our customs, where it counts, we are no different either way.

Wonder Woman

One more extraordinary option for those looking for a vicarious experience of the less unfamiliar street (or mountain way) is Phoebe Smith’s Wonder Woman podcast.

Smith is one of the noteworthy rising stars of contemporary travel composing and adopts more of a descriptive, literary approach in this podcast, frequently portraying her own journey afterward.

This is augmented by audio clips recorded live en route, or an intermittent interview with an individual experienced on the journey. The outcome takes audience members along for the journey in a more vivid manner than the studio-made podcast.



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