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8 Factors Affecting Your Teeth Whitening Results

Concealing teeth discolouration is not impossible at all these days. All you need to opt for teeth whitening treatment. You can get OTC whitening products to whiten and lighten the teeth right from the comfort of your home.

Although whitening is too tempting yet you need to take its proper care to sustain the impact in the long run. However, you have to accept the fact that numerous aspects interfere with teeth whitening procedures results. In this blog, we will discuss with such 8 factors. So, start reading now!  

  1. Natural teeth colour

Actual teeth colour affects the outcome of teeth whitening treatment. Accept the fact that natural teeth are slightly yellowish. But the bluish-white hardest layer known as enamel possesses translucent feature. That is why it reveals yellow-tinted dentil underneath the layer.

This is the reason teeth appear in yellowish shade responding to teeth whitening in better an effective way. On another flip, patients having purple, brown and grey teeth find it difficult to bleach. As a result, they need multiple sessions to finish the treatment and enhance the shade.

  1. Food consumption

Naturally, teeth are slightly yellowish in colour. With the intricate of dark shades, it increases the discolouration degree. It happens with the consumption of pigmented drinks and foods like sugar-rich foods, berries, red wine, energy drinks and tea and so on. You may think that excessive teeth discolouration leads to extensive bleaching.

You can seek it only after visiting the dental clinic for in-office teeth whitening. Even after completion of the process, you need to avoid consumption of stain-inducing items for at least 72 hours. Or else, you can notice the results due to the stain covering the teeth. 

  1. Lifestyle

Consumption and smoking of tobacco products is the prime cause of tooth discolouration. Tiny teeth pores absorb tar and nicotine products resulting in brown patches which become tough to bleach than the yellowish pellicle films. 

  1. Declined oral hygiene

Despite of the efficiency of the whitening process, you have to retain the result by practising proper and good oral hygiene. Otherwise, you will end it up by darkening the white teeth again.

Give paramount attention to brushing your teeth after every meal. Also use water for rinsing the mouth well. Make sure that you never skip the dentist recommendations to pertain your white and pearly smile in the long run.

  1. Age

Teens below 16 years of age should not perform teeth whitening as their teeth are still in developing phase unlike adults. Therefore, whitening can lead to uneven shade after some time.

  1. Surface of the teeth

Bleaching seems highly effective on the natural teeth over on bonding, porcelain, bridges, crowns and veneers. If you have thin surfaces of teeth then whitening gel can easily penetrate through to deliver intricate outcome.

  1. Type and concentration of whitening agent used

A myriad of ingredients and methods are available as whitening treatments. However, Hydrogen Peroxide is the typical one in use amongst others. Dentists have the skills and experiences to use right amount of the ingredient to carry out the treatment. Remember, higher concentration never guarantees for improved and best outcome.

This is the reason in-office whitening treatment is highly reliable over at-home treatment. Dentist knows the right amount of ingredient needs for your teeth to whiten, brighten and lighten. Also they use advanced technology like LED and laser light for speeding up the entire teeth whitening procedure. 

  1. Whitening treatment duration

Many clinics promise the guarantee dazzling outcome in a single dental visit. But certain clinics offer a session of procedures to ensure the long-lasting of the outcome. Besides, they provide you at-home whitening treatment which will consume a few days to weeks to finish.

Whitening process never ends with bleaching only. You have to take the responsibility of practising good oral care practices and hygiene too. Then only the result will last for long. As this cosmetic treatment deems for precise and delicate attention you should visit the dentist for in-office whitening treatments. You can visit this site to book your appointment for professional teeth whitening!



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