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5 Tips On How To Market Marina Construction Projects

Photo by Walcon Marine Australia

Nowadays, people look and crave new experiences. Everyone wants to try something new after two years of living through the disasters of the pandemic. Thankfully, the world is slowly starting to recover again. Travels, leisure activities, restaurants, and entertainment areas are now open again. 

A lot of people are also into boating and yachting. Aside from the thrill and adventure of boating, the vibe of the activity completes the experience. From the boardwalk walks to boathouse accommodations, the vibe is indeed unbeatable. Have you ever wondered how they built those? 

The answer is marina builder companies. They also construct boardwalks, jetties, harbours, docks, and floating accommodations. Moreover, they work on other projects for various industries as well. Marina builder companies have a lot of promising construction projects. But even though their projects are exciting, it can be difficult to market them. 

In this post, let’s discuss five tips on how to market marina construction projects. 

1. Work with a reputable and trusted marina builder company (so you can market your project with confidence and ensure guests’ safety)

Marina construction projects are built on the waters. That means the safety of every guest should be your top priority. There are a lot of marina builder companies that you can work with. However, it is your responsibility as the business owner to look for one that is trusted and has a proven track record. 

Aside from their brand, you should also do your research on their work process as well as the materials they use. Remember, you are responsible for your project. That means it is your responsibility to ensure that guests will be safe when they use your project in the future. 

Also, if you work with a trusted marina builder company, your marketing confidence increases, too. You’ll surely be more confident in marketing and working on your project because you know that you are entrusting it to the right company. 

2. Work on creating a visual tour of what your project is. 

One of the projects clients work with marina builder companies are floating pontoons. Floating pontoons are built as a space to conduct events, piers, and more on the waters. The possibilities are endless of how you’ll utilise a floating pontoon.

The hard part is how to market them. Not a lot of people can easily see the possibilities of how to utilise a marina construction project. Let’s say you are building a floating accommodation. No matter how great your project is, it can be hard for people to visualise your business unless they see it.

That’s why you have to show them what your project is. Walk them through what they’ll experience once they avail of your accommodation. If your project is still ongoing, it’s important to be mindful of your marketing visualisation. Remember, you should only showcase what your business will be incorporating. Never false advertise. 

3. Work and liaise with respective sectors and businesses that can help you market your project.

In every business, permits and approvals are necessary. The same goes for any marina construction project. Permits and approvals are even more critical since it is a water construction. Before you proceed with your project, make sure that the respective sectors and businesses concerned are on board with your plans. 

Not only is that necessary, but also advantageous for your project. Working with different associations, sectors, and businesses can help you market your project. Maybe there’s a tourism marketing board that you can partner with. Or there’s a great restaurant that you can partner with to serve your guests’ meals. 

Liaise with businesses that could open opportunities for your marina project. This is one of the best marketing strategies that you can do. It’s like you’re hitting two birds with one stone by working with other businesses that can help you market your project. 

4. Incorporate trends into your business strategies to attract more clients outside of your target market.

It can be difficult to market a marina project, especially if you want to attract clients outside of your target market. People who are interested in water sports and attractions can be limited. As a business owner, you might want to target people outside of your audience range, too.

Now, how do you attract them? You can start with the easiest – by incorporating trends into your business. If you are building a floating restaurant, why don’t you incorporate an aesthetic theme into your design? 

As you know, people love a good design and view. Since your business already has the view (given that your restaurant will be on the waters), you can make it even better by going for a specific theme. Your clients can serve you a free marketing service just by sharing their pictures and experiences online.

Keep in mind that people love to share their experiences online. You can boost your marketing by being the attraction that people would love to visit. All you need to do is incorporate trends and designs that people are after. 

5. Build a reputation for your business to set your brand apart from the competition. 

Last but not least is to build a reputation for your business. Every business has a reputation. You can build yours by starting with a foundation of what your business is all about. How? First, you can start with how you showcase your brand online. 

Nowadays, it’s important to maintain and build an online presence. It is the easiest and free way you can market your brand online. The second is through your service. You should set a standard on how you interact and deal with guests virtually and physically. Nothing can beat good service. 

Even if your business has a good aesthetic, your service is what will keep your guests from returning. If you are building a floating restaurant, make it a place where boaters and yachters are comfortable stopping by. Whatever reputation it is that you want to be perceived as –work on it. That will be the foundation of what your marina project will be in the long run. 

Focus on safety, service, and reliability when marketing your marina project.

There you have it. These are the five tips on how you can market your marina project. Always keep in mind safety, service, and reliability. Remember these three points when working on the tips I shared above. It will surely help you market your brand and target the people that you are aiming for. 

Written by Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda
Bianca Bandahttps://www.walconmarine.com.au/
Bianca Banda is a writer for Walcon Marine Australiaa veteran in designing, manufacturing, supplying & installing quality floating marina systems for commercial and residential applications representing the Asia Pacific region.


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