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5 Things Your Business Website Should Have #5

1) A call to action. Your website visitors visit your site for a reason. Your website can be used as a marketing tool to encourage website visitors to contact you, request additional information, buy a product, download an application, or schedule a booking. Your website visitors should be able to clearly see the call to action so they don’t abandon your site and go to another competitor.

2) Responsive design. Your business may have more than half of its website visitors coming from mobile devices. These users need to have a great user experience. It is important to be familiar with the technical aspects of creating a responsive design. You are designing your website according to the browser/system of the user and how they interact with your website.

Clear contact information. Many websites make it difficult to contact a business today. It is not uncommon for large businesses to make it difficult to contact them.

This helps to lower customer support costs. If your business is not a monopoly, I recommend that you make contact with your company as easy as possible. There are many ways to contact your business, including email, live chat, and web forms. There should be a way for potential clients or customers to reach you 24/7.

4) Secure Hosting and Website. Your host should be located in a secure data center that offers backups for your website. It is also advisable to keep a backup of your website. Do-it-yourself website development is dangerous.

If you let an amateur build your website, there are many security holes that can be unintentionally added to it. Juno Digital Development has many years of experience in web development and security. If you already have a website, we can test it and fix any problems as a paid security consultant. Contact us via our Contact Page to learn more. We can also help you build a website if your site is vulnerable to SQL injection attacks.

5) Social Media Links You can reach targeted users through social media. If an item is viral, one person could share your website with hundreds to even thousands of people. It is important to allow your customers or clients to share your website’s content to their networks via social media links. You can quickly grow your business by adding opportunities to share and like on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

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